Uber Drivers Will Need To Apply For DBS Checks

The world has been turned upside down for Uber drivers during the past month. The firm’s procedure of vetting drivers has been deemed insufficient by transport chiefs. Uber is a well-known cab hailing company that uses independent drivers and vehicles to offer a very affordable service to customers through the use of a mobile app.

Who needs to apply for new basic DBS checks?

Minicab drivers have been receiving instructions from TfL (Transport for London) to apply for new screenings within 28 days or lose their right to offer a transport service. The majority of the 13,000 minicab drivers are Uber drivers, but there are also other companies involved.

What has brought on the change?

It has come to light, after a certain British paper reported on it, that Uber was under fire from the police. The police believe that the company is doing nothing about alleged sexual assault allegations made against their drivers. Their failure to report these cases has created circumstances that put the safety and security of the general public at risk.

Uber Drivers Will Need To Apply For DBS Checks

Two specific terror attackers during the past few years have been former Uber drivers. Many companies, such as http://www.carecheck.co.uk/basic-dbs-checks/ can carry out DBS checks. DBS checks are used by employers to check the suitability of their employees to their job in terms of their background. This helps to protect vulnerable groups, such as children, by preventing unsuitable people from working with them. Apparently, Uber uses a company called Onfido to provide background checks for its drivers.

It appears that TfL has reviewed its position and will no longer be accepting certificates from Onfido or any other third party provider. The entire system will run internally through the TfL’s contractor. In true Uber style, the cab hailing giant claims that the final decision lies with the regulator as to whether or not a license is issued.

The real issue

Uber has tried to protect its reputation by not reporting attacks on passengers and it has said that the responsibility lies with the individual to press charges. This way, they leave the responsibility at the door of the alleged victim to report the assault.

Passenger assault is an issue that significantly concerns the Metropolitan Police’s taxi unit. Uber needs to take some kind of responsibility for their drivers.