Best Cities To Visit In The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a wonderful place to visit, despite the doom and gloom weather conditions it sometimes has. Those that live in the UK would be used to the weather, however, if you don’t live in the UK, it might come to you as a surprise. Nonetheless, it is still a wonderful place to visit, with historical architecture that has been there for hundreds of years. Not to mention the amazing greenery across the whole nation. 

If you are an outsider visiting the United Kingdom, there are many different cities and towns to visit. Furthermore, the UK is full of different cultures and you can find a variety of cuisines in some cities. 

The only issue you would have when visiting the United Kingdom is that there are many different cities to choose from. Nevertheless, there are some better than others which you can visit. 



On every list, you will notice London as the number one place in the UK. However, there are many problems with London. One of those is that it is ridiculously busy and very expensive. Nonetheless, if you are not worried about the money side of things, this is definitely the place to visit as there are so many different places to visit

As we mentioned before, many cities in the UK are notorious for their historical architecture and London is one of them. However, sightseeing isn’t the only thing you can do in London. It is home to many food markets that embrace the many different flavours from different cultures around the world. Not to mention some of the best Michelin-star restaurants in the country. 

The biggest issue you would have is getting around London. However, there are many different options available. We advise you to stick to the London Underground as this is the more efficient way of travelling around the city. If the busy train life isn’t for you, hire a bike in the city centre and cycle around. If you already live in the UK and are driving to the city, there is plenty of parking in central London available. 



Scotland is another great country to visit for its greenery however, it also has one of the most beautiful cities in the world which was featured in a Marvel film. 

There are many reasons to visit this fantastic city, however, the magnificent Edinburgh Castle should be at the top of your list. The top of the castle showcases the many historical wonders of the city with its amazing views. It is full of fantastic museums and galleries that are also a must-visit so make sure you visit them. 

In terms of pricing, it can be expensive when visiting the city. However, 3-4 days in the capital are long enough to explore the wonders around the city and enjoy some of its eateries. 



York is another great city to add to the list and is more affordable compared to both Edinburgh and London. Again, this is another great city to visit for its mediaeval, cobblestoned streets.

Furthermore, the city has many buildings from the 14th and 15th centuries. Not to mention the bits of Roman and Viking influence the city has had in previous centuries. 

If visiting one of the thirty museums that York has to offer isn’t for you, a good time to visit would be when they are showcasing the races. York has one of the best horse racecourses in the country so this is certainly a must-visit if you enjoy watching horse racing. 



This city is located in the southwest of England; for those who live outside the UK, it is unlikely you have heard of it. Nonetheless, it is a stunning city to enjoy and is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bath is popular because it offers something very different to the rest of the cities in the UK. The reason why is that it is built around ancient Roman ruins. In fact, you can still enjoy bathing in Britain’s only natural thermal hot springs.

Bath is also recognised in the TV and film industry for its iconic sights such as Circus and the Royal Crescent. If you want to enjoy the ancient wonders of the country, Bath should definitely be at the top of your list. 



Liverpool is another great city that is well-known for its tourist attractions. However, it is most known for the Cavern Club, where the Beatles performed their first gig. Furthermore, it is located on the River Mersey, where the Liverpool dock is a great place to enjoy an evening stroll. You can even hop on the ferry to go across the river. 

If you like to visit other cities for their nightlife, Liverpool should be on your list. It makes a great long weekend trip thanks to Concert Square and Matthews Street. Plus, there are plenty of different fine-dining restaurants to choose from. 



Last but not least is Manchester and where do we start? It is well-known for its football clubs such as Manchester United and Manchester City. However, it is most famous for its music culture, producing well-known bands such as Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Smiths and many more. 

Manchester is the capital of the north and is a city that many people from all over the world visit, not just those from the UK. It is a concrete jungle, more so than London. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful city where you can embrace the city’s skyline from many bars and hotels across the city. 

There are many different areas in Manchester that you can visit plus, the Metrolink is a very effective tram system to get around the city. Furthermore, there are plenty of museums, libraries, luxury shops and restaurants in Manchester which you can also visit. Not to mention the football stadium tours that you can also visit. 


To Conclude

There are many wonderful areas to visit in the United Kingdom. You can either enjoy the countryside to embrace the natural beauty of the country or visit its cities that are a combination of modern and historical architecture. 

The UK is filled with affordable and expensive destinations so make sure you browse each location carefully to see which you can afford. Most of these locations mentioned are perfect for a long weekend away from your hometown.