Six Essential Fall Items Every Man Needs

As autumn is officially here, a man’s wardrobe is very different compared to summer. During summer, the outfit is simple. All you need is a T-shirt, shorts and a pair of sneakers and your outfit is good to go. However, during autumn and winter, there are more variations to your outfit. 


Autumn is a season with many different weather conditions. Some days it may be dry but with temperatures as low as three degrees. On other days, it may be pouring down but the weather is much warmer. Luckily for you, your wardrobe can have different styles that are suitable for all weather conditions. Let’s look at the important items for your autumnal wardrobe that every man needs and it isn’t just clothes. You also need some vegan skin care products to keep your skin protected in the colder weather. 

Tailored Suits

Tailored suits are quintessential for your autumn wardrobe, especially if you work in an office. They are a much more casual style compared to an oxford suit and the woven fabric is much better for keeping you warm. It gives you that dapper look that every man has in their locker. 

Sweater Season

Another essential product during autumn is that you should have a sweater for the days you need to layer up. Furthermore, sweaters are great for all occasions. If you want to wear it for a casual event then you can. Additionally, it can be worn in the office over a shirt, depending on the type of sweater you like to wear. If you wear a shirt with a tie, we suggest wearing a v-neck sweater so you can show off your tie. If you are wearing a plain T-shirt, we advise you to wear a woollen sweater. 

A Sophisticated Scarf

A scarf is another great item to keep you warm and add more style to your outfit. Plus, it can help keep you warm during autumn. 

Scarves are a great accessory to add to your outfit. It gives the whole thing something extra. Think about it, wearing a jacket, t-shirt, jeans and boots is very plain. However, when you add a piece of jewellery or a scarf, your outfit instantly has more to it. Plus, it adds more luxury to your outfit. 


A scarf is not only there to improve your look but is also there to keep you warm, making it the perfect accessory for your outfit. If you want more personality with your outfits this autumn, a scarf is a must-buy.


You don’t have to worry about overcomplicating it either. Choose simple colours that you know will complement the other colours that you usually wear. Autumn is the time of year for autumnal and darker colours so don’t pick a colour which is bright and stands out. 

Jeans/ Cargo Pants

Jeans and cargo pants are another essential item for autumn. They are a great material for the colder temperatures and are suitable for autumnal wear. Not to mention they are great for casual outfits. 


Finding comfortable clothes to wear during autumn is an absolute must. Then you need to choose clothes you can wear with all your outfits. Both cargo pants and jeans come in different designs so there is a style for everyone. 

A Fashionable Raincoat

During the autumn period, it is time to swap out Harrington coats and bomber jackets. Instead, you need a jacket that will keep you dry and warm. A softshell technical jacket is the perfect choice for this time of year. 


Other jackets that are good for this period include trench coats or if you want to be bold and look like Gerard Butler in the Den Of Thieves. If you want something a bit different, purchase a peacoat as it will take all of the boxes for your autumn outfit. 


If you want something more fashionable, consider a trench coat and complete the outfit with a suit. It is the ultimate outfit for dressing up for those smarter occasions. We all need a dressy outfit for those colder occasions so this has to be the outfit you choose. 

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are another essential when it comes to this time of year. They have been an essential piece for menswear for many years now however they seem to go out of fashion. It is menswear at its peak and arguably the most fashionable boot out there.


Chelsea boots are the perfect footwear for when the rain is pouring down on you as you walk to work, keeping your feet dry and warm. One of the best parts about Chelsea boots is that they are so easy to take on and off. So, if you are ever in a rush or too tired to untie your laces, you don’t need to worry about that with Chelsea boots.  

Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets are something else we recommend during this cold and dark period. The weather won’t be the warmest and a peacoat or trench coat won’t help you with that problem. If you want something that will keep you warm, a puffer jacket is the best solution. 

The puffer jacket isn’t something you will be wearing throughout autumn. Instead, it is a jacket you wear on the colder days, usually when the temperature is lower than 7-8 degrees. If it is anything above that, the best jacket for this would be a trench coat as mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, you would still need the puffer jacket to keep you warm for those colder temperatures so make sure you purchase one this autumn. 

Final Opinions

So there you have it. Seven different fashion tips that you need to style your autumn wardrobe. These are essential pieces to not only keep you looking stylish but, they will keep you warm and dry. After all, that is what matters when it comes to autumn.


Another tip (and the final one) is to try these items on if you have never worn them before. For example, Chelsea boots only look good with certain outfits so you shouldn’t be wearing them if you don’t have that particular style. The same goes for cargo pants. If you don’t have that style for them, you won’t look good. 


So, if you want to get a new autumnal wardrobe, you need to try these clothes on in person. Consider visiting a shopping centre in the UK where there are hundreds of different menswear stores, from casual wear to smart wear. We can guarantee that there will be a shop for every style out there.