7 Best Travel Guide Apps to Install On Your Phone

7 Best Travel Guide Apps to Install On Your Phone

Can renting a car in Miami under 25 be really easy and cheap? The answer is yes, but you need to plan it carefully. Indeed, when going on a trip, the modern traveler often doesn’t have enough time for planning. What places to visit, what hotel room to book, where to eat, and where to rent a car: many questions remain unresolved. 

Fortunately, modern mobile apps have come to the rescue, making life easier for travelers. Travel guide apps installed on your smartphone will allow you to quickly and easily prepare for a trip, as well as find solutions to most of the travel issues already on the spot.

We’ve compiled a list of the best apps needed for your upcoming journey. Choose at least one of them to use and get many travel benefits!


Triposo is an informative travel guide that includes 200 countries and more than 50,000 destinations around the world. The application requires an Internet connection only to download the desired city or country, then you can use it offline. 

At Triposo, you can find city maps, major sights, the best restaurants, information on local culture, important events, a currency converter, and phrasebooks for non-English speaking locations. 

One of the important features of the application is recommendations. Now you will know where to go taking into account the time of day, weather, location, and opening hours. Also, the application provides the opportunity to book a hotel room, buy a plane ticket, and rent a car. 

The application allows you to personalize your journey, thus choosing hotels, restaurants, and entertainment to your liking. You can plan your own sightseeing tours or take a walk with the help of mini-guides created by locals and avid travelers.

7 Best Travel Guide Apps to Install On Your Phone

Google Travel 

The app, created by Google, is a special travel guide designed for those who need a reliable travel assistant. The very word Google already implies a lot of information about the most different and interesting places in the world, sights, hotels, restaurants, etc. 

With this application, you can easily plan your trip to anywhere in the world: find out information about air tickets, book a hotel, find a restaurant, a rental car and create a route yourself. Also, Google Travel gives you the opportunity to choose a suitable route for yourself. For example, in the case of a short trip to a city, it offers a travel plan that will allow you to see the most important spots in just 2-3 hours. 

One of the important functions of Google Travel is providing information about city transport, ATMs, exchange rates, and emergency phone numbers. You will certainly appreciate this application if you install it on your smartphone.

7 Best Travel Guide Apps to Install On Your Phone


The Redigo app is a compact guide with offline maps. It contains general facts about the country, information about current events, a phrasebook in six languages, recommended places, and routes that offer an optimal and informative walk around the city. 

On the maps of the application, you will find points of interest, with short descriptions and addresses. The application contains information about air ticket prices, local transport schedules, accommodation offers, as well as the best time to visit a particular country.

7 Best Travel Guide Apps to Install On Your Phone


You probably know TripAdvisor as a perfect travel assistant. The app of the same name gives you even more advantages. By subscribing to expert travelers, you can get helpful travel tips and advice. The app makes it easy to book excursions and sightseeing tickets, compare hotel and flight prices, rent a car, and read real travelers’ reviews. 

You can find useful travel ideas in your personal feed, and there’s also a forums section in the application where you can ask questions and get answers from other travelers. The app allows you to create your own customized trip where you can save travel ideas found on TripAdvisor. 

TripAdvisor will easily plan your trip by summarizing everything that interests you. This application not only plans your trip and discovers new places for you, but also makes it more efficient and interesting as a whole.

7 Best Travel Guide Apps to Install On Your Phone


This service was created to help independent travelers. Here you can fully plan your holidays and cultural events in popular travel destinations around the world. Among the offers are both individual and family tours and even extraordinary offers for those who love a vivid experience. 

Developers understand that it’s not always convenient for a traveler to search for an Internet connection in order to find or configure something in an application. Therefore, GetYourGuide organizes such offline features as searching for attractions, restaurants, cafes, as well as displaying a list of upcoming local events and displaying the route to their venue.

The application includes the ability to book tickets both in advance and during the trip. You can leave reviews for events and read what other users have written about them. If you can’t attend the event, you can easily cancel your reservation.

7 Best Travel Guide Apps to Install On Your Phone


TripIt is your best assistant in keeping in one place such important elements of any trip as flight reservations, hotel bookings, car rental vouchers, and so on. This service is especially useful for those travelers who are planning a difficult route with frequent movement from one point to another, as well as for those who travel a lot. 

With TripIt, you don’t have to scour your mailbox to find an e-ticket for the desired flight, or at the last moment try to find a saved hotel reservation. All information will be always at your disposal.

TripIt creates maps of your routes, plans your trip, moves all this into your electronic calendar, and sends the necessary notifications. You no longer need to print a heap of various pieces of paper and try not to lose them along the way. In addition, Tripit is integrated into many social and network networks, and if you want, TripIt will automatically report your movements, for example, to your Facebook or WhatsApp friends.

7 Best Travel Guide Apps to Install On Your Phone

Trip Plans

The main task of the application is to plan a travel route by days, hours, and even minutes. It’s simple: you choose the dates of the trip, the sights that you want to visit, the duration of their inspection, and get a detailed plan of activities for the entire trip. 

The plan will take into account everything, even the time it takes to move between points. The lists of recommendations contain a huge number of the most interesting places around the world. It’s possible to download maps for offline use. In addition, the application will help you book a rental car, a hotel room, excursions, tours, and much more.


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