TOP 5 Beautiful Beaches In Fort Lauderdale & Beyond

TOP 5 Beautiful Beaches In Fort Lauderdale & Beyond

What is your ideal weekend? If you used to spend the whole day lying on the beach under the palms under the shade of a beach umbrella, listening to the breeze, you need to rent a car and go to Florida. Fort Lauderdale is waiting for your visit in any weather. This is an ideal spot to have a beach vacation!

So, it’s time to rent a car and go to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Florida. You will never have problems with where to find the nearest beach in Fort Lauderdale. You will see more than 20 miles of sandy shores to choose from. Of course, the shore is divided into many beaches with beautiful nature and different infrastructure. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, and your driving license to rent a car without any problems in a new location.

Is there any other way to get over Fort Lauderdale other than by car?

Tourists and locals usually get over the city by car. Of course, it’s difficult to travel with a family from a hotel to a beach with a stack of luggage without a car. So, it’s a common thing here to use a rental car to help. Besides, Fort Lauderdale car rental has affordable vehicles for people of different ages in this automobile-centric state. 

If you travel without your own wheels and can’t drive but need to get from one place to another in Florida, you can try Uber or even a water taxi. Remember, you can get almost everywhere in Fort Lauderdale by water. Planning a beach vacation with kids it is recommended to rent a comfortable large car.


Best Beaches in Fort Lauderdale

  1. Go to Deerfield 

Drive your rental car to the north. Actually, this is a popular place among tourists, known for its casual beach life. You can park your car at the Fishing Pier to watch fishermen and even buy some fish for the grill. Here, you can walk along the beach to find the best place for your beach day, or rent a rod to get to the place faster. The beach territory is filled with atmospheric restaurants and cafes, welcoming visitors from morning till late evening. The most recommended is The Whale’s Rib, where you can try the famous whale fries and JB’s with their fresh seafood and beautiful beach views.

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  1. Go to Hillsboro Beach

You should drive your car to the deep south to reach Hillsboro. This place needs a lot of time to get there but it has a historic lighthouse that attracts tourists the most. You can buy a tour of the lighthouse and learn everything about its history. The beach itself is big and well-cared with rare sunshades and sunbeds. If you want to dine in the beach restaurant, you can take a water taxi. It must be an interesting adventure!

  1. Go to Pompano Beach

This beach is also situated in the south. Looking for a perfect place for diving and other water activities, go to Pompano. More than 18 mysterious ships were wrecked right here. You can go diving to explore the shipwrecks like in a real adventure film! If you are not fond of diving, you can try sport fishing from a boat in the open water. Finally, if you don’t want to do anything on the water, you can play beach volleyball, football, or go and dine in the nearest beach restaurant Beach House Pompano.


  1. Go to Lauderdale-By-The-Sea

This beach is many miles long. You can find everything here, including a snorkel trail and beautiful beach views. Of course, a beach vacation is not only about spending time diving and snorkeling. If you want to stay out of the water, drive your rental car to Anglin’s Pier for fishing or dining in the local fish cafe.

  1. Go to Beach Dania 

What’s so interesting here except for a sandy beach and clean water? Go to the beach pier. You can try to catch some fish or just walk around. If you are hungry, go to Quarterdeck Restaurant right on the pier. The food is cheap and tasty here, spiced with the best views of the ocean. 

Do you like spending time outdoors? Traveling to Florida, you have to drive your car to the beach. For tourists and locals, the beach is a place to walk, bike, picnic, do sports, and become one with nature. It can be rather adventurous and really impressive. So what are you waiting for?