The Flash Series We All Waiting For

The Flash Series We All Waiting For

Barry Allen witnesses his mother murdered during his childhood but he can’t figure the mysterious murderers. Matters get complicated as Barry’s father is blamed for the murder of his wife. Barry overcomes his traumatic childhood to become a forensic scientist with the Central City Police, a job he is happy with. However, the mysteries surrounding his mother’s murder never leave his mind as he keeps seeing the weird beings who killed his mother. The visions are hazy and he can’t make out clearly who these killers are.

Barry survives an electrocution incident caused by an accident as a result of an explosion at the particle accelerator. He suffered severe injuries in that put him in coma for 9 months. Coming out of hospital Barry joins the Star Lab where he discovers he now possesses supernatural speed due to the electrocution incident. Unfortunately he learns that he was not the only one who was affected by the explosion incident. There are several other super humans who suffered the same fate at the explosion. They too have similar super powers and they are out to use their new found abilities for evil purposes. On the contrary, Barry decides to use his new abilities with good intentions, safeguard mankind.

The line between good and evil is drawn as Barry, now “The Flash” takes on the forces of the Dark with assistance of his new friends at Star Lab. This decision to fight crime in Central City earns him friends and enemies from different quarters of town setting the stage for thrilling encounters and confrontations.

It also attracts the attention of secrets forces, some are out to seek exploits whereas others gang up to the destruction of the people’s savior, The Flash. It’s now upto The Flash and his team to outwit the dangerous criminals.

Staring in the series are Thomas Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Panabaker.This Television series is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros.

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