Why FortiGate’s Unified Threat Management Outshines PAN’s Security Solutions

The centralized setup of a UTM makes it easier to monitor several threats. It also means fewer devices are used, potentially saving your organization money on hardware and management costs. Antivirus software in a UTM can detect and stop malware from entering the network. It does so by looking at signatures of known viruses in a database.

Why Fortigate?

With the advent of ever-evolving cyber attacks, safeguarding business information has become a major challenge. Even a minor data breach can lead to serious trouble and damage to the business’s prospects. To tackle these emerging security threats, businesses need an advanced cybersecurity solution like Fortinet. So, why Fortigate instead of PAN? With its cutting-edge unified threat management, Fortinet provides unhindered visibility and a wide range of modern features, making it a better choice than other firewalls. This includes high-performance, multi-layered security that provides complete protection from advanced malware and ransomware. It also offers advanced technologies like lateral movement protection, advanced AV, compact pattern recognition language, and an inline sandbox. Its purpose-developed operating system, FortiOS, provides a single security platform for managing varying Fortinet devices and accounts effortlessly. The company also has an advanced product called FortiAI, which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to discover threats. It is designed to help short-staffed SOC teams detect and fight sophisticated attacks.

Comprehensive Protection

Unified threat management merges multiple security services into one device to protect your network. It includes a firewall, gateway antivirus, intrusion prevention system and web filtering. These features detect and stop viruses, threats, Trojans and worms in incoming and outgoing data. UTM is designed for organizations that need more resources – knowledge, people or money – to protect all infrastructure areas. Combining performance, security and management capabilities into a single installation dramatically reduces the time and expense of maintaining a secure environment. With today’s technology, building a computer network is no longer rocket science; anyone with little research and the right hardware can accomplish it. These networks steal valuable information, access sensitive systems, and disrupt operations. FortiGate NGFWs incorporate advanced, industry-first protection against these never-before-seen threats. Powered by the industry-leading FortiOS operating system, our UTM solutions deliver foundational Zero Trust security through least privilege access and continuous trust verification without compromising performance. This lets you focus on your business and let us take care of the rest.

Easy to Manage

The IT security level required to keep your business safe from cyberattacks can be complex and time-consuming. This can detract from your important work to grow your business. A top-of-the-line UTM can eliminate these problems, making it easy to manage your cybersecurity measures from a single intuitive dashboard. Fortinet’s unified threat management (UTM) solutions consolidate several cyber security and networking functions into a single device, providing a comprehensive protection solution for your network against attacks and threats. These features include antivirus, web filtering, data loss prevention (DLP), IPS, and anti-spam. A UTM can automatically detect known malware by parsing files and comparing them to its signatures database. It can also protect your network against unknown threats by using heuristic analysis to examine the behavior and characteristics of files. With this capability, a UTM can quickly identify and stop new forms of malware before they reach your network. This centralized setup can save your business money by eliminating the need to invest in multiple devices.


Unified threat management (UTM) combines security tools into one device, potentially simplifying security monitoring and control. UTM bundles typically include antivirus, firewall, email and web filtering, intrusion prevention, data loss protection, and more. UTMs can be delivered from the cloud or installed as an appliance. Some can also be run on a hypervisor as a virtual appliance. Computer networks are no longer confined to large corporate offices and industrial plants. More and more homes, small businesses, grocers, restaurants, and even retail chains have them. This makes them a target for hackers. A top-class UTM from Fortinet will protect your network with a comprehensive set of features. It can be preconfigured to detect known malware, blocking it from entering your system and preventing it from spreading across your network. It can also use heuristic rules to detect novel malware threats, judging the behavior and characteristics of files rather than just their name. Some UTMs can also look inside SSL and TLS tunnels to see threats hidden in encrypted traffic, a feature called deep packet inspection. Others have a program sandboxing system that will trial downloaded programs, checking their actions for suspicious patterns to thwart zero-day attacks and other unknown malware.


Unified threat management (UTM) consolidates multiple security functions into a single device, making it easier to manage your infosec. UTM solutions protect your entire network by scanning incoming and outgoing data streams for dangerous files, then blocking them from entering the network through a combination of IPS, AV and firewall technology. Managing your cyber security can be complex and time-consuming, taking away from the time you need to focus on growing your business. With a top-class UTM solution like Fortinet, you can simplify your infrastructure and save time. Fortinet is the confirmed leader in the UTM market and the only ASIC-accelerated antivirus firewall product for real-time network protection. Our unified threat management solutions detect and eliminate viruses, worms, intrusions and inappropriate Web content from email and Web traffic in real-time — without degrading network performance.

Heimdal’s top-of-the-line security products are integrated into a powerful, intuitive dashboard, allowing you to monitor and manage your organization’s cybersecurity measures easily. This will enable you to respond quickly to threats, minimizing the impact on your business operations and protecting your digital assets from cyber-attacks.