7 Florida Spring Break Destinations For MLB Fans And Their Families

Because the northern American states still risk sudden dives in temperature or even an spring snow shower on the heels of winter, many families find themselves find themselves heading south towards warmer temperatures. Who can blame them? After months of snow and ice, warm sun and sand are a welcome change.

For many of them, their destination lies somewhere in the state of Florida, where the average winter temperature that is comparable to a brisk spring or autumn day north of the Mason-Dixon line, and the summer temperatures average in the low 80s. In short, as long as a hurricane is not headed there, you can be sure that the Sunshine State lives up to its name.

Spring Training Visits for Spring Break

When it comes to baseball spring training camps, Florida is definitely the place to be on the East Coast. That is because the MLB has two spring training leagues, the cactus league in Arizona and the grapefruit league in Florida. Here are some of the more popular training camp locations and the teams you will find there.

  • Walt Disney World

After enjoying breakfast with Mickey, Minnie, and other popular characters at Walt Disney World, head over to visit the Atlanta Braves who use the resort for spring training each year.

  • Kissimmee

Located near Orlando and theme parks such as Universal Studios and Walt Disney World, the Houston Astros make Kissimmee their home each spring as they train for the upcoming season.

  • Sarasota

Sarasota is one of the most family friendly areas within the Sunshine State. It boasts museums, wildlife centers, and historical centers that offer entertainment of all ages. If visiting in the spring, stop by and check out the Baltimore Orioles training camp.

  • Fort Myers

Fort Myers, on the western coastline of the state, is not only home to training camps for the Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins, but is also just a short drive to Sanibel Island. Sanibel is the seashell capital of America, offering prime specimens that wash up on shoreline bordering the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Lakeland

Acting as the halfway point between Tampa and Orlando, Lakeland is also home to the Detroit Tigers’ training camp. As its name suggests, the town offers plenty of access to nearby lakes for fishing, boating, or picnics.

  • Tampa Bay

Home to spring training for the New York Yankees, Tampa Bay is a popular Spring Break destination. It also offers plenty of shoreline as well as Busch Gardens, a major theme park that draws families to the area, and has eight different sections for families to explore.

  • Port Charlotte

The Tampa Bay Rays hold their spring training camp in the area of Port Charlotte. This quaint town has all the creature comforts of your hometown with the best of Florida, offering everything from beaches to bowling alleys, to boat rentals, to minor league baseball games.

All fifteen MLB teams in the Grapefruit League attend spring training camps in Florida. This gives you a wide range of locations from which to choose for your family’s next Spring Break trip. if you are lucky, you may be able to convince them to visit multiple cities, allowing you to observe training for more than one team.

American comedian and actor Robin Williams once joked that, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'” That is true when you consider all the colorful flowers and sunshine that follow the bleak days of winter that offer little more than gray skies and freezing cold temperatures.

Making the Most of Spring Break in Florida

Whether visiting the Sunshine State alone or with a group of friends and family for Spring Break, training camp only lasts so many hours in a day. It is a good idea to check out the local tourism page for the city you plan to visit so that you know what else the area offers.

Some cities offer major attractions like theme parks while others are more like a traditional beach town with movie theaters, sports bars, and miniature golf courses. Regardless of your destination for visiting training camp during Spring Break, you can be sure that the Sunshine State has something for everyone.

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