The Best Entertainment And Luxuries To Bring With You To A Hotel

Staying in a hotel is a great way to unwind and relax if you’re having a busy week, but it’s also a great opportunity to enjoy being free from all the usual distractions and responsibilities that come with day-to-day life.
This is a great opportunity then to do some of the things that you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had time for, so let’s look at the best forms of entertainment to bring with you when you next stay in a hotel.
A Good Book

Few of us read these days on a regular basis, mostly because there often just isn’t time.
If you find yourself pushed to find five minutes in a day to read a good book, then a hotel stay might offer the perfect chance to work your way through a novel or two.
This is also ideal for travelling on the train or plane to get to your hotel – it can make the whole journey really fly by (literally if you’re travelling by air…).
If you can’t choose which book you want to take though, and you don’t want to weigh yourself down, then you might want to consider taking a Kindle so that you can select form the thousands of books in the Kindle Store and download them on the fly.
A Laptop

If you’re going on a relaxing holiday then you might wonder why you’d take a laptop.
Laptops though can be used to enjoy yourself in a number of ways and make life easier.
Not only will you probably benefit from being able to answer emails on a keyboard, but it will also mean that you can work if you want to (some of us actually enjoy our jobs…) and it will mean that you can download and watch films or play games.
A film while you enjoy room service in bed? Yes please! Or if you’re the kind of person who normally goes on holiday only to end up missing your Xbox, then a computer and an OnLive profile could help you to really enjoy yourself.
And if you have the money, you could always consider a Surface Pro tablet instead to keep the weight down.

When you’re travelling to the hotel, few things will add to the experience as well as some music.
Whether you have some tunes on the stereo while you drive, or you just plug in your headphones and watch the world go by on the train, this can really help you to switch off from the world outside.
It can help you sleep too when you have a screaming baby behind you…
Extra Food and Drink

If you stay in a good bed and breakfast then you should find that most of your food and drink requirements are already catered for.
However, you can often make the journey even more enjoyable by packing a few extras. Love tuna paste sandwiches? Then bring your own tuna paste. Want more than three cups of tea?
Then bring some tea bags and a small carton of milk. It can make a big difference!
Wash Products
Again a bed and breakfast should provide you with wash things, but if you really want to indulge then there’s nothing to stop you bringing your own muscle soak products or a loafer so that you can give yourself the full spa treatment.

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Jason Coffey works for Banting House Inn which is a well recognized bed and breakfast hotel. He enjoys blogging about his views and opinions during his free time.