Hypnotherapy – Helping You On Your Journey To Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy - Helping You On Your Journey To Weight Loss

According to statistics being overweight and obese were ranked as the fifth leading causes of global deaths. It is estimated that at least 2.8 million people die every year from being overweight or obese. Of those who are obese or overweight, 44% are diabetic, 23% suffer from a particular cardiovascular disease and at least 10% suffer from cancer. These facts are certainly very stark and a cause for anyone who may find him or herself in the overweight or obese category. It therefore goes without say that it is quite important that you lose those extra pounds.

Perhaps one sure fire way of helping you on this journey to weight loss is hypnotherapy. Weight loss is no walk in the park and for many; it is a long and painful journey. Why you may ask? This is thanks to cravings that keep you grabbing grub every time that you are on the go, munching as you watch your favourite reality TV show and so much more. This means some serious calorie intake every day even when one is on a weight loss program. Perhaps the one reason why many fail or find it difficult to shed of those pounds is in what they eat. This is where hypnosis comes in.

Does it work?

The first thing that comes to mind when one hears of the word hypnosis is a state of deep sleep in which one is led to and compelled to do whatever the “master” wants. In reality this stereotyped notion on what hypnosisis has little resemblance to what hypnosis in reality is. In reality a hypnotist tutors a person and helps the individual to become hypnotized where his/her attention is focused, his/her fantasies become vivid and where he/she has a heightened sense of suggestibility. In this state of hypnotism; perceptions can be dramatically altered.

Today, hypnosis is used in a number of instances such as:

a.) In treating conditions associated with chronic pain like rheumatoid arthritis

b.) In helping reduce pain during childbirth

c.) In reduction of vomiting and nausea in cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy.

The above are just some instances where hypnosis is applied, but the big question at this juncture is; does hypnosis work with helping reduce weight loss? Yes, it does. Adding hypnosis to your weight loss program can and will help you lose more weight easily. Hypnosis for weight loss works in the following way:

1.) The hypnotherapist who is essentially the coach, or the tutor guides you into deep relaxation.

2.) It is in the state of deep relaxation, that the hypnotherapist will now have access to your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is that part of the brain that works but we are not usually aware of it as it is the one in charge of our innate instincts.

3.) Carefully worded scripts are then used to explore why an individual overeats and using visualisations new ways of thinking are suggested.

4.) With time, the individual gets to learn on how to replace those negative eating habits with positive ones that have been suggested by the hypnotherapist.

It’s clear to see that in hypnosis it is the subconscious that is used to change one’s habits. Some of the suggestions that the hypnotherapist may use include:

i.)  Asking you to envision the level of health and fitness that you would wish to achieve.

ii.) Requesting you to imagine the feeling that would accompany your new look.

iii.) Asking you to imagine yourself having already attained your weight loss goals effortlessly.

iv.) Helping you imagine just how energised you would feel and the confidence that you would experience.

These highlighted visualisations empower you in a way that you are able to take control of your eating habits and start enjoying healthy foods and cut down on foods with high calories.

Hypnosis for weight loss does work and it is with effective practise of hypnosis that you can be sure to see gains in as far as losing that extra weight is concerned. Though this is the case, there is popular belief that one will be asleep. In this state of sleep, one will not be in control of his or her faculties. It is also believed by many that during hypnosis one will do anything that he or she is told to do and even reveal one’s darkest and best kept secrets. It is further believed by many that one’s memory will be erased. All these beliefs are wrong. Hypnosis is not some form of occult art where you will be exploited by your therapist; you are in control.

If you are looking to lose those extra pounds for good, then working on your subconscious will certainly come in handy and this is why hypnosis for weight loss is important. By employing hypnosis in your weight loss efforts, you can be sure to make numerous gains.

In this article, get to learn all about hypnosis and how it can work for you in helping you lose those extra pounds for good. You also get to learn the techniques employed by hypnotherapists to help you lose weight.

Dr. Nikolas Jolly who works with other consultants to help weight loss. With at least 2 years of active experience, he is familiar with the detrimental effects of over weight and how it ruins one’s life.