How To Combat Dust Mites In Your Bedroom

When I complained to my doctor that I woke up with a running nose, sneezing, and wheezing each morning, I expected him to blame pollen. After all, it was springtime. Imagine my surprise when the results of an allergy test came back showing an allergy to dust mites.

Apparently dust mites were living in my mattress! I quickly found out that regardless of the type of mattress you sleep on at night, dust mites can pose a real problem. This is especially true if you are like me and have an allergic reaction to the annoying pests.

How to Eliminate Dust Mites from Your Bedroom

You could replace your mattress to get rid of them, but unless you can afford to replace your mattress every six months or so, this option is not really economical. However there are other ways that you can combat dust mites. Here are a few of them:

Cover your mattress

A mattress and pillow cover can help prevent dust mites from settling into your mattress. However this method alone won’t stop dust mites or the allergic reactions they cause.

Dehumidify Your Bedroom

Dust mites thrive on humidity, but if you can maintain a relative humidity of less than 50% it will take the moisture from the air. The dust mites rely on this moisture to exist since they can’t drink water like other animals.

Wash Linens in Hot Water

Heat kills dust mites, especially wet heat. Wash your bed linens once a week in hot, soapy water. If this doesn’t kill them quickly enough, then try twice a week until it begins to eliminate the problem, and then go back to once a week.

Replace Your Bedroom Carpet

Dust mites burrow into carpet where they make your life miserable, especially if you’re allergic to the little pests. Replace your bedroom carpet with a hard surface, like ceramic tile or bamboo wood, which you can wash.

Why Dust Mites Thrive in Your Family’s Bedrooms

You may be wondering why dust mites prefer bedrooms than any other room in the house. This is because dust mites feed on dead skin cells, and humans spend an average of one-third of a twenty-four hour day lying in bed.

Skin is the biggest organ in the body. Pajamas don’t cover nearly as much of our bodies as everyday clothes do, in most cases. You can see where most bedrooms are an all-you-can-eat buffet for dust mites, as we unknowingly create prime conditions on which they live.

You Don’t Have to Share Your Bed with Dust Mites

Fortunately you do not have to live with dust mites. By using the tips above, I was able to rid them from my mattress enough so that I did not wake up with a runny nose and sneezing. The extra efforts are well worth a better night’s sleep.

There is no way to completely eliminate dust mites from your home. By using a combination of the above methods, you can cut down on the overall number so that you no longer have to risk suffering any kind of reaction to the little pests.

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