5 reasons not to sell Blogging for Business

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Blogging for business comes up with an opportunity to generate a valuable resource. It helps in the creation of content that the customers want to read as well as share. But advertisements disguised as blogs is of no good use. At best, they turn into a wasteful thing on the internet or unread online space and in the worst cases they can turn customers away or distract the customers.

And here is why.

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It Undermines Trust

Blogging can influence sales as it offers a source for the purpose of customers researching purchases. The main idea behind this is to generate content that the customers will read in order to decide on what customers want to buy. During people research purchases, they generally look forward to the trusted sources to have an influence on their decision. They have a preference to listen to the word of other friends and consumers, because they considered them as an unbiased observer.

Ads are rarely shared by people

Advertisements are rarely shared by people in comparison to blogs for business targets. The main reason behind it is that blogs are ideal content for sharing via social media. Generally, people love to share views and ideas on the social media and blogs plays a very important role in doing so.

It is Boring

Irrespective of whether the writer is blogging for business or eventually writing a pulp fiction novella, tries to engage the readers. Everybody wants to write the content which is enjoyable to read.  Customers do not want to study about the products on blogs.  Reading can be done elsewhere in the website. One of the simplest ways to boar bore anybody is to replicate the same information or idea over and over.

Sales pitches are Scary

One of the finest ways to diversify the brand’s message is by blogging for business. One the other hand sales is an aggressive approach, occasionally it can be even scary. The only advertisements that come in the social timelines are the ads those are sponsored by some brand. People like brand pages, but they do not share the advertisements. That is all the precise promotion they are expected to give the customers. Also they can share an entertaining or engaging blog post.

Expected Reactions:

The un-avoidable question that comes in to the mind while writing a sales-ey blog is that ‘what do the writer expects to happen?’ it is a foolish think to imagine that the consumers after reading the blog will think in the manner that ‘I’m satisfied, now stop talking about it and take my bucks’?  It never happens in the above mentioned manner. Irrespective of how good a sales person is, the blog is not a thing which will sell of its own. Definitely, it is no supposed to.

One of the prime features of blogging for business is that it creates a creative outlet. In order to add value in the minds of the customers, blogging for business should be considered as an important opportunity to do so.  If the blog is just on with nothing new in it then it is nothing else than real waste of time.