Traveling And Personal Growth: Perfect Together

There are so many benefits to traveling and I could not possibly discuss them all here, but there is one aspect that I would like to address because I believe it is one of the biggies. As someone with a strong interest in personal development, I am thankful I was born with an insatiable passion for travel because this has probably been one of the most powerful tools in learning about myself and changing for the better.

Produces Changes that Will Serve You Well in All Areas of Life

One of the most obvious benefits of traveling for me as far as personal development is concerned, is that it helps you develop skills, qualities and the like that will not only help you make your travels more enjoyable, but help you in all aspects of your life. The unexpected hiccups of travel can help make you more flexible and patient. Being exposed to different types of people and ways of doing things helps you gain greater understanding and tolerance—both of which can improve our interactions with others.

Pushes You Outside of Your Comfort Zone

We can never truly grow or change unless we step outside of our comfort zones—it is in this discomfort that we grow, and truly see what we are made of and what we are capable of. There are lots of ways to step outside this zone and I cannot think of a more powerful one than going to a new land where everything is different and unfamiliar. This has its challenges for sure, but that is where the growth happens, and trust me, you will get plenty of opportunities for growth; but, the good stuff will outweigh it all. You will find a way to respond to these challenges, you will become more comfortable with being uncomfortable, you will live life with a little less fear, you will see you are so much more than you give yourself credit for. Learning to be more comfortable with being uncomfortable, and pushing through fear, is key to truly living your life as you want since it will likely involve decisions that scare you a bit.

Helps You Figure out Who You Are and What You Want

It is all too easy to get caught up in the everyday routine of life and the mundane responsibilities that we all deal with. We get into a rut and start operating on auto-pilot. Who we truly are and the things we truly want to do with our life can get buried deep down as we live out the monotonous routine that is our lives. Only when we shake things up do these things rise to the surface again where we can give them the attention they deserve. Travel is one of the best ways to shake things up for sure.  It can help you clear your head and see things in a different light. Perspective changes; inspiration strikes; courage to pursue what you really want to do is renewed.

Closing Thoughts

Now, I realize that some people have zero interest in travel and I suppose if you have no interest in doing something, your life is not any worse for not doing it. But, for those of you who do want to travel and always talk about it in terms of ”someday” and other phrases that suggest you will probably never actually do it, I urge you to get serious, especially if you have an interest in personal development; so get online and start researching travel destinations today!
Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who has a passion for travel and enjoys sharing her advice and insights.