The Right And Wrong Way To Care For Your Teeth

Sure we all know that brushing your teeth twice a day every day is one of the best ways to make your dentist happy. But the reality of the situation is many Americans actually don’t brush their teeth daily especially this time of year.
The holiday season comes in full-force, and people get busy are preoccupied, stressed-out, frustrated, anxious and tend to forget to take care for themselves.
If you relate or this sounds like you and me tips can help.
Pack a travel size toothbrush
A travel size toiletries size toothbrush and toothpaste will be a great asset for you throughout the day during the holiday season. You can pack it in your purse or your glove box and quickly use it after each meal. This will help you feel much more cleaner and have fresh breath throughout the day.
Pick a new Flavor
Caring for your teeth is easy and it can be fun when you find a flavorful toothbrush flavor. Pick a flavor that is fresh and new for you.
We get into a rut sometimes, and we use the same flavors over and over year after year and it becomes very monotonous and boring.
You can pick a new sugar-free flavored gum for added power and punch to your day. You will enjoy trying new flavors because it keeps the brain stimulated and the mind preoccupied.
Carry floss picks with you
Foss picks are a great way to care for your teeth on the go. Move over dental floss the new picks are in town and people seem to love them.
Dentists explain that floss picks are one of the greatest inventions in recent dental oral health care, over the past two years people actually floss their teeth now.
By going to the grocery store or the pharmacy you can pick up a bag of floss picks and floss while you’re driving your car, while you’re in a meeting, while you’re on the phone, watching TV walking the dog and the list goes on. Dentist love floss picks because it gets patients to actually floss and care for their teeth properly.
Reduce sugar
Sugar is a huge contributor to cavities and weight gain. You can avoid both of these side effects by cutting back on your sugar. Especially this holiday season.  You don’t have to let the holiday season get the best of you. With these easy to implement tips you can have a healthy happy
For more health advice and information visit TenderCare Dental, a Dentist in Hillsboro Or. Shannon Kaiser is a writer for health proffesionals in Oregon.