5 Martha Stewart Christmas Decor Ideas For The Home

The holiday season wouldn’t be as festive without some added Christmas decor to spice up the hearth and home. With a few added wreaths and a splash of red, the transformation of your interiors from everyday living to an inviting wonderland is easy to achieve and worth the bit of effort. Add a dash of baking to the equation and your home will
And who better to gain your inspiration from than the queen of home interiors herself?

5 Christmas Decor Crafts Courtesy of Martha Stewart

  1. Cedar Wreath Chandelier: This Scandinavian-styled wreath in the shape of a chandelier can be hung from the ceiling with wine-coloured satin bows. A great adornment decoration for those Christmas cocktail parties, this eye-catching display can be used to draw you guests over to the buffet table and is really simple to make.
  2. Juniper and Pepperberry Garland: A unique Christmas decoration for your staircase, this fragrant bouquet of pepperberry stems gets its refreshing fragrance from the added Juniper. Keep in mind before setting your heart on this cheerfully bright garland that pepperberries are notoriously difficult to come. Preferable for their glossy deep-purple colour, these pea-sized seeds can be substituted with the more traditional pepper seed.
  3. Gentle Drift Mantel Decoration: Christmas brings to mind images of snow-laden pine trees and crystallized landscapes, which is why this cedar-centred craft is such a popular idea to implement. Surprisingly simple, lining your mantel piece with these perfumed branches and dusting them with fine white powder is all it takes to create this frosty effect. Add a few dripping crystal icicles to enhance the result.
  4. Present wreath: A fun take on this traditional Christmas decoration, cover small gift boxes with weatherproof wrapping paper and seal with weather tape to create a decorative band. Tie the boxes with ribbon and attach to a flat wooden wreath form using a hot-glue gun. As a final touch, affix a satin bow and hang on front door.
  5. Mistletoe Ball: A reminder that romance is as much a part of Christmas as present-giving and good food, deck your halls with these evergreen balls to evoke a passionate response from guests and loved ones. Adding to the celebratory ambience in your home, this irresistible decor piece will provide a momentary respite from the hustle and bustle of the holidays – and perhaps a kiss or two from that special someone.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the decor. Martha Stewart’s creatively crafted festive pieces are tried and tested magic when it comes to transforming your home into a festive reprieve from the normalcy of the day-to-day. So get cracking!

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