The Art And Culture Of New York City – Top 5 Art Museums

When anyone visits New York City or even those that live in the city, one of the main attractions are the many New York Art Museums; which are highly regarded as a great way to enhance and experience New York City while on vacation. These museums offer some of the world’s best art, history, education, and above all, culture that been culminated and all that makes up the beauty that is found in this amazing city.

New York Living: How Art and Culture have impacted New York City

From museums and Broadway shows to the simple pieces of art found in local art galleries to the music that sings of New York’s glory, both Art and Culture have impacted New York City in the greatest of ways. You literally cannot go anywhere in this city without seeing Art and Culture in which this city has produced and holds.

The Top 5 Art Museums

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Known as “The Met”, this is by far the most absolute “do not pass go or collect $200” places to go while in NYC. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a 2 million-piece art collection from all around the world; it has been said “that there is something for everyone” in this beautiful time-capsule of a building. Regardless of whether or not you are an art-lover, this should be on the top of your list of places to see while in NYC.
You may have been there more times than you care to count and that is ok, but it is still and will always be the museum to visit time and time again; from The Costume Institute and Musical Instruments to the Arms and Armor, do not pass up the opportunity to see every inch of The Met.

2.The Guggenheim Museum

It is more than likely than not, that this is the most unique art museum; and it is hands down worth the trip just to see the building alone that was by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Upon stepping inside, the museum is the art lover’s heaven on earth; with the works of artists like Gauguin, Monet (my absolute favorite of them all), Picasso, and Renoir, this international house of art features the permanent art collections of The Thannhauser Collection and The Bohen Foundation Gift.
There is one other unique aspect found in the Guggenheim and that is how it is arranged with its art; it has been arranged to make sense historically and holistically versus by genre, a true gem. There is much to be taken by way education from this breathtaking museum of art..

3. The Museum of Modern Art (The MoMA)

Also known as, “The MoMA”, this museum is highly regarded as “the most influential modern art museum in the world”; with the contemporary space and design that gives it an almost artist’s sanctuary. Home to some of the most famous masterpieces like, Monet’s “Reflections of Clouds on the Water-Lily Pond” and Andy Warhol’s “Campbell’s Soup Cans”; it is no wonder there are many who rave of the works by artists like Jackson Pollack and Salvador Dali. You can get your artistic fill from this art museum and still come away “hungry” for more; to get more information about the MoMA, you call or visit them on the web.

4. The Brooklyn Museum of Art

If you want to venture outside of Manhattan for some art that is found to be both high-class and easily accessible, you want The Brooklyn Museum of Art. I can assure you that you will find all forms of art work that will peak your interest and have you longing for me with the likes of the permanent collections that represent almost every corner of the world. It is easily regarded as one of the oldest and largest museums in the country; there is not one part of the world you will not see in this museum.
You can view anything from the ancient Egyptian masterpieces and African wood sculptures to the famous Steinberg Family Sculpture Garden; amazing work held in an amazing building. There is not much more you can ask for when it comes to the art and culture found in this building alone. To see more on the Brooklyn Museum of Art, more information can be found on their website.

5. The Whitney Museum of American Art

When it first opened in 1931, The Whitney; as it is commonly called is perhaps one of the most important museums that has been dedicated to American Art and the Artists of the world. The collection they have spans across both the twentieth century and contemporary American art; more specifically with attention given to the work of living artists today. For more information, please visit their website.
Art is the never ending universal language that everyone can easily speak and understand found in a culture that seems to draw people from all walks of life every day. As these museums, and many others like them, continue to stand at full attention; there will always be a world of art that lives on for generations to come.

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