Scenic Beauty Personified- Australia

Australia is considered to have the most distinct and diverse natural environment in the world. Its scenic beauty, spectacular landscapes and unique wild-life coupled with many World heritage areas has attracted and developed the interest of all the nature enthusiasts to explore this magical land. Everything about Oz, be it the Cities, coast, Outback, Nature, Wine regions, Islands or Natural Landscapes has been the, “talk of the town”, for time immemorial.  The marvelous Australian Icons of the Great Barrier Reef, Red Centre, Kakadu, Great Ocean Road, Australian Alps, Byron Bay, Kangaroo Island, Blue Mountains, Namadgi National Park and the Flinders ranges, have set it apart globally.
Here, we List three of the most famous natural wonders and experiences that you just cannot miss, when visiting Australia.
The Kakadu National Park (Northern Territory): It is Australia’s largest national park, which is listed as a World heritage site and it spans an area so vast, that it has to be divided into seven different regions and seasons. It includes the highest concentrated areas of Rock Art in the world. The aboriginal detailed dramatic record of life in Kakadu is believed to be 50,000 years old: from the first proof of human civilization to the arrival of the British. Rugged soaring gorges lead to forest woodlands, lush wetlands, wildlife and open savannah plains. Millions of migratory birds visit the wetlands; massive waterfalls provide a great place for swimming for people and for the history lovers a walk through sandstone galleries of ancient rock art admiring over 5000 aboriginal sites, stone tools, shelters, grindstones and ceremonial ochre is apt for learning.
Ningaloo Reef & Shark Bay, (Western Australia):  This is known to be, one of the most reliable places in the world to see and swim in the company of the gentle sharks (which are the world’s largest fishes) who arrive in March every year shortly after the mass coral spawning.  This world heritage listed site is the largest fringing reef in the world.  Shark-Bay’s serene turquoise waters are home of turtles, dolphins, manta-rays and hump-back whales. Visit the earliest life-forms at the Hamelin Pool and walk on one of the world’s few beaches made wholly out of tiny sea-shells or you can even spend the day with the friendly dolphins of Monkey-Mia who come to the beach to be hand-fed by revelers.
Australian Alps: The Australian Alps has unique alpine views and offers exciting options for outdoor adventures and activities.  People travel here to climb the highest peak in Australia; Mount Kosciuszko and also to go hiking or biking through wildflower dressed slopes. Kayaking and White water rafting or a horseback adventure over the high plains during summers is also a hit with tourists. Skiing is a favorite in winters. One can trek and straddle through this epic 650Kilometer spread of the Australian Alps walking track  disbursed on the three states of New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory and also pass through seven national parks in a day or two by taking shorter trails.
Owing to its Iconic beauty of natural arrangement, Australia has carved a niche for itself in the travelling industry, attracting millions of revelers every year. Each and everyone who visits this mystic land feels inspired and rejuvenated for life! Australia truly is “Scenic beauty personified”!
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