Gel Wristbands: How They Help To Raise Awareness

Colored Ribbons Versus Gel Bracelets

Since the 1970s, colored ribbons have been used to help raise awareness for a particular cause. These causes all vary in nature.  Be they for disease or political solidarity, colored ribbons help to show one’s support for that specific cause. In the 1980s, however, charitable causes changed from using ribbons to using gel or jelly bracelets.

These bracelets have become very popular and, since they are rather inexpensive to produce, they come with an assortment of messages stamped on them and are available in different colors, making them rather fashionable. Unlike colored ribbons, these gel bracelets are also very convenient, as many can be worn at once.

Gel wristbands are a great way to raise awareness and show support for your cause

It was popular in the 1970s and the 1980s to raise awareness and show support for a cause by wearing colored ribbons pinned onto the breast of one’s clothes. These ribbons told people instantly what cause they supported with the color of the ribbon, but they could be regarded as cumbersome; it was difficult to wear many ribbons at once. People usually have more than one cause or charitable organization that they support and believe in, meaning the decision to just pick one may have been difficult and time consuming.

Gel Wristbands

Gel wristbands, however, give people the option to wear as many bracelets as they want, enabling them to support as many causes and charities as possible. This is great news for causes and charities because it means more awareness and, ultimately, more support.

Gel wristbands don’t just show off color like ribbons do, they are also stamped with messages that say directly what the cause is and which charity the person wearing it is supporting. The messages can be simple or complex, as long as they get to the heart of the cause and have a moving impact on the reader. This will encourage more people to get involved with the charity and take up the cause.


When people do indeed decide to support a particular cause or charity, they do so with the intention to fund the cause or charity as well. Fundraising is very important for causes and charities because that’s usually where their money comes from—public support. With the money they receive, causes and charities can further their goals. Because the cost to produce gel bracelets is largely inexpensive, the cause or charity can then use the money to help further research, expand support, and create awareness programs and campaigns for the general public.

Manufacturing costs

The cost to manufacture and stamp the gel bracelets is rather low. This makes gel bracelets a great marketing tool for causes and charities that would rather spend their money on things like research, support programs for the afflicted, and education programs for the public (another way causes and charities reach out and draw new people in to support them). By having extra money in the budget to help expand public awareness programs, more people can be made aware of the cause or charity, meaning that further more people could potentially pledge their support in both spirit and finances. It helps, too, to have a fashionable gel bracelet that can be worn virtually anywhere and by anyone. People can also wear as many as they like at once.

Fashionable choice

Fashion is the reason people put on the clothes they do each and every morning, and they often look to accessories to help complete their look and complement the outfit that they are wearing. Whether or not people consciously engage in being fashionable is completely up to them and how they see themselves in the world, however, gel bracelets can accomplish two things.

1. The first is recognition—that the person wearing the wristband has a compassionate nature, or that he or she is someone who wants to help change the world for the better.

2. The second is associating a charity or organization with a particular color.  Someone will be drawn to that bracelet, thinking that the gel wristband will help him/her to complete his/her look, thus drawing him/her to that cause or charity.

Whatever the reason behind the choice to wear one, gel bracelets are a great way to raise awareness and show support for your cause and charity.

Arthur Bryce is a well followed writer and on this page he talks about how to raise awareness among people through wristbands.