5 Top Rated iOS Apps For Eye Health Management

If you want to keep your eyes in perfect working condition for years to come, you have to ensure that they are healthy at all times. Although regular optometrist appointments are a must, you can still do more between visits to keep your eyes healthy. If you have an iOS device, here are the five top rated iOS apps for eye health management to help monitor your eyes:

1. Eye Handbook

The EyeHandbook app is an excellent app for people that work in the Ophthalmic field or medical students because of its collaboration with the American Academy of Opthalmology. It contains various features to help monitor your eye health, as well as videos and lectures to view.

2. ODwire.org

If you are an eyecare professional, the ODwire.org app is handy for keeping in contact with your peers. It creates a social media platform for thousands of professionals to partake in private conversations in order to trade practice and clinical tips. The app can additionally be used to shop for optical equipment or view available webinars.

3. LZ EyeCare 

If you want to find out about the latest in eyecare, the LZ EyeCare iOS mobile app can help keep you up to date. It was developed by Lake Zurich EyeCare and contains various features to help manage your eye health between optometrist appointments.

The app includes the following features:

Eye wiki to learn everything you need to know about your eyes

Eye care videos to learn about eyecare products and eye health

Eyecare newsfeed to learn the latest in eyecare

Contact information and driving directions for Lake Zurich EyeCare

4. EyeDock 

The EyeDock app is actually used to connect with eyecare professionals at EyeDock.com. The app is regularly updated to learn the latest about various contact lenses and topical ophthalmic medications. Additionally, the app provides calculators that can help with contact fitting or buying products.

With the search options and calculators, you will be able to find the right contact lens for your needs, such as contact lenses online at Lenstore. You can choose to search for contact lenses based on a variety of factors. You will not only see exactly what properties a contact lens has, but the manufacturer’s information and available packages as well.

The one thing that is important to know about this app is that you have to pay for a yearly subscription. If you do not buy the subscription beforehand, you will not be able to use the app.

5. Vision Test 

If you want to check the overall condition of your eyes, you can use the Vision Test iOS app to perform different tests. The tests that you can take advantage of using this app include:

Visual acuity test

Astigmatism test

Duochrome test

Color test

Far field vision test

Eye Quiz

Using the Vision Test app, you can also find an optician and learn various facts and advice about eyecare.

Although these five top rated iOS apps for eye health management are popular and beneficial, you should always consult with an eyecare professional if you have problems with your eyes.

Chelsea Miller enjoys sharing her tech knowledge online through blogging and writing articles for tech websites.