Pleasant Travels:Tips to Deal with Turbulence

OK, I have to admit. I am a bit scared of turbulence. I can handle the takeoff and landing but when I hit a particularly rough patch of turbulence I feel a bit uncomfortable. Since I am a frequent traveler I have simply learned to embrace these few moments of discomfort as part of the traveling game. A few minutes, or even a half hour, of strong turbulence can be an unpleasant, frightening experience but the amount of time I spend on the road and the awesome locations I visit make the uncomfortable moments all worth it.
Most of the time you will have a peaceful, relaxing flight. Embrace this idea and you will not experience needless anxiety when it comes to dealing with strong turbulence as you fly.

Practice Meditation to Develop Peace of Mind during Rough Flights

The real culprit during turbulence is a feeling of weightlessness. Yes, the feeling of your stomach moving into your throat as you drop violently and quickly can feel overwhelming and extremely unpleasant. If you meditate regularly you will be able to embrace these moments of weightlessness with greater ease. Meditation literally grounds you, so even if you are 30,000 feet in the sky, rocking and rolling, you will be able to feel grounded, centered and calm no matter how much you bump around and run into strong turbulence.
Meditate for at least 30 minutes daily. Take the time to find a quiet spot and focus on your breathing. If your attention wanders make sure to bring your attention firmly back to your breathing. This practice expands your awareness and helps you to embrace the rocky moments you might experience as you fly.

Learn to Laugh off the Resistance and You Will Feel Much Better

Simply laughing a little or smiling widely while you face strong turbulence will help to move you into a higher vibration. When high vibing it you will easily be able to embrace any uncomfortable situations, included the unpleasant weightlessness you experience when a plane rises and dips quickly. Now few people can embrace these moments with little to no effect but if you are simply willing to laugh a bit and smile you will be ready to roll with the turbulent punches and reduce the terror and anxiety which tends to build in the mind of a fearful, frightened person.

The Turbulence Last Minutes in Most Cases So Do Not Get So Wound Up

Actually in most cases super strong turbulence lasts only a second or 2, unless you happen to be traveling through a thunderstorm. If you can view these moments as simply blips on your overall time spent traveling you will have less of a fear surrounding running into strong turbulence. You need to remember that many flights will pass without you facing any type of powerful resistance in the air. You will likely have a smooth take off, landing and calm, peaceful trip while flying through your coasting altitude, so there is no need to believe that each flight will turn out to be a bumpy ride.
Most of the time a flight will be a relaxing experience. Even if you do run into some turbulence be grateful for flying, because many people will never step on a plane or even leave their home region. You are blessed to be able to fly, traveling near and far in a minimum amount of time, so count your blessings and you will be far less likely to stress out when you run into strong resistance in the skies.
Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys blogging about all things travel; if traveling through CA, she highly recommends the Clarion Inn Hotel in Del Mar.
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