How To Get The Best Price For A Rolex Watch Before Selling It

Many people decide to buy Rolex watches every year. Whilst owning a Rolex watch, its value can increase considerably. Before deciding to sell a Rolex watch, here’s what to do in order to get the best possible price:

Have it serviced
The parts which are in each Rolex watch are made to a very high quality. However, as with other watches, faults can develop. There are many watch repairers that specialise in fixing Rolexes. By choosing an individual that only uses authentic parts, any glitches can be fixed in advance so that a Rolex watch doesn’t suddenly stop working. When a Rolex watch is serviced by an approved individual, no doubts will be cast regarding the quality of their work. When someone is officially accredited by Rolex, it also means that the parts which are used weren’t manufactured in China because Rolex doesn’t make spare parts in this country.
Find out what a serial number is
In order to prove that a Rolex watch is genuine, a serial number has to be provided. This can be supplied when it is listed on an internet auction site or to a website that provides quotes. A jeweller doesn’t have to be told because they will see a serial number when it is taken into their shop. Although some Rolex owners don’t disclose a serial number to those who are interested in purchasing it, this can be a huge mistake because it is assumed that what is being sold isn’t authentic at all.
Get it valued
A Rolex owner could presume what it is worth even though they have no prior experience of doing so. In this situation, a Rolex dealer can be asked regarding what they think its true value is. By asking a Rolex dealer, the price which is quoted can be far more than what its owner thought it was worth.
Source a Certificate of Authenticity
When the owner of a Rolex watch doesn’t have a Certificate of Authenticity, they should obtain another copy from where they originally bought it from, such as a jeweller’s shop. By doing so, a copy of this certificate can be acquired. If it was bought directly from Rolex, they can also supply a copy of a Certificate of Authenticity. There is no hassle whatsoever regarding obtaining another version of this document after it has been misplaced. As Rolex wants its customers to be very satisfied, issuing a Certificate of Authenticity is part of their dedication to customer service.
Take multiple photographs
Just like when selling a kitchen appliance or a DVD, several photographs of a Rolex watch should be taken. Therefore, they can be uploaded onto an internet auction site or given to a website which provides quotes. Along with a serial number and a Certificate of Authenticity, multiple photographs can be provided when deciding to sell a Rolex watch because it demonstrates that it is genuine i.e. when a photograph is taken of a serial number.
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