5 Easy Ways For College Students To Earn Extra Cash

Making money while you’re in college is a great way to pay for extras, like textbooks, food and entertainment. If you’re not really looking to find a part-time job or can’t, you can find other simple ways to earn a little money on the side. The following tips can be used whether you’re living on a school campus or living at home taking USF’s online mpa degree.

  1. Sell Items on eBay

Do you have extra items lying around your dorm room or home that you don’t really use, but can’t face throwing out? Why not make money off of it by selling it online on eBay? This site makes selling and buying things online very simple, so even if this is your first go at being an online seller, you’ll find the process to be rather simple. Items that sell like hotcakes on eBay include collectibles, shoes, clothes, jewelry and event tickets. It’s so easy, you just may become an eBay selling pro!

  1. Babysit a Kid, Pet or House

You can go on sites like Craigslist or find ads in the paper from people looking for folks to babysit their child, pet or home. Offering this service can be a great way to spend your Friday nights. Maybe a mom wants to go out on a date or a family is going away on vacation. Watching over possessions and people is a big responsibility, so make sure you’re up for the task. The pay for performing these jobs can also be rewarding.

  1. Sell Clothes to Consignment Shops

Have gently worn dresses, suits and shoes you no longer wear? Consignment shops are a great place to sell these items for a cash profit. In most cases, you won’t get any compensation until the item has actually sold, and depending on the quality of the item, you may make a sizable profit. Check with the store to see if their items are mainly higher-end stuff or mall brands.

  1. Take Cans to Recycling Centers

If you or someone you know has an unhealthy habit of drinking lots of soda and beer, consider making money on the side by taking those empty aluminum cans and bringing them to a recycling center. It’s a great way to at least earn back some money for all the six and 12 packs you buy. On average, you can get around five cents per can. You can collect cans from your roommates, their friends and even at parties.

  1. Have a Yard Sale

Whatever you can’t sell on eBay or at a consignment shop can be sold at a yard sale. You can host this on campus or in your home. Put out signs and fliers a week or so in advance, so that people will know about the sale beforehand. You can also post ads online on sites like Craigslist.

You’re an adult now, which means you have to learn to be more resourceful, especially when times get hard. Use these tips to learn unique, yet simple ways to earn extra money on the side.