3 Effective Tips For Cutting Your Heating Bills

From closing your curtains when the sun goes down to opening them up during the day time seemingly tiny changes can make all the difference when it comes to lowering your heating bills. Be conscious of energy efficiency. Make a commitment to cutting your bills and to being environmentally friendly.

Use these tips for saving on your energy bills.

Make a Blanket Decision to Get Serious About Efficiency

Before you lower your heating bills it’s time to address any lack of commitment to being energy efficient. Sure you may talk a good game but if you find yourself wearing shorts and a T shirt inside the house during the most brutal cold spell you’re overworking your heater and you’re also paying sky high heating bills. Get serious about being energy efficient. Honestly assess whether you need to maintain an 80 degree temperature inside of your home during the coldest months. Establish a comfortable temperature for you and your family members. Set the thermostat at that temperature. If you address your wastefulness in an honest and direct fashion you’ll have taken the first step toward cutting your heating bills quickly.

Seal Openings to Lower Your Heating Costs

Check underneath your front and back doors. Do you feel a draft? Chances are you need to seal doors, windows and any other area where seepage may occur. Cold air is an insidious opponent when it comes to keep your heating bills in check. Even serious energy efficient buffs need to be on their toes when it comes to warding off cold, stiff drafts.

Walk from room to room inside of your home. Check doors, windows and vents for light or strong drafts. If you feel air flowing in through the open it’s time to do some sealing.

As a quick fix until you can get to the store place rolled up towels against gaps to block cold air. Make a trip to a home improvement shop to pick up professional sealants. A tiny investment can make all the difference when an Arctic blast chugs through your area.

By plugging up these gaps you can raise the temperature in your home significantly. If your home’s a tad bit warmer you can’t help but to place less of a demand on your heating system. This means lower energy bills for you. Do a spot check of your home today. Identify any areas that need sealing and get to it!

Keep Doors Closed

I know this sounds painfully obvious but simply keeping doors closed during cooler months lowers your heating bills. Think of it this way; if you raise the temperature in your home your heating bills will drop. Closing your doors and keeping them closed prevents drafts from doing a number on your indoor temperature. Make sure all family members shut doors closed during cold months. Check around the house a few times each day to make sure each door is sealed closed. If you’re not using a room remember to keep the door closed. No sense heating a room where you won’t be hanging out.

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