Tips To Manage Your Anger

Managing anger is not easy, but if you make effort in the right direction, it isn’t a difficult job either. Here are some tips to manage your anger.
Look at your watch:
When you feel that your temper is rising, look at your watch. Watch the seconds’ hand of the watch tick away and this will prove to be a good distraction for you. It would help you reduce your anger. Let it tick for more two minutes before you shift your focus to the situation before you. This would not only distract you, but will also help you refresh your mind, so you can focus more on solving the problem.
Wear a rubber band:
Some people tie a thread to their finger to remember important things. Similarly wearing a rubber band on your wrist can help you gain control of your anger.You need to snap your rubber band every time you feel your temper escalating. You would, thus, be reminded to control your anger before it is too late.
Talk about your anger:
Talking about anger is one of the best ways to control it. Whenever you are angry and can not vent out your anger, you may talk about it to someone who is close to you. Not only will this give an expression to your anger and lift a weight off your chest, but will also benefit you if the person with who you share your views may provide a solution to the problem.
Think about social repercussions:
Whenever you are angry and are about to lose your temper, think about the possible repercussions on you and your social image. Once you get labeled for having a nasty temper, the image will stay for long. Thinking of the possible consequences will help you gain control over your anger.
Recognize personal signs of building anger:
Everyone has some personal signs that they can relate to their anger. These signs are mostly physical in nature and can be recognized easily if attention is paid to them. These signs indicate to you that you are getting angry and that you should take some measures to ensure that you do not hurt yourself or someone else in the process. Recognizing these signs may take some effort as they are different for every individual but it definitely helps.
Take time out:
Taking time out is not being cowardly. On the contrary, everyone should take a time out once they feel that their anger is escalating to a point beyond their control. When you pull away from a situation and give yourself some time to refresh your mind, you can think of an apt solution and get out of an argument. Taking time out gives you that time to regain control of yourself.
Walk away:
Walking away from a situation is another option that you can adopt to make sure that you do not let anger get a grip on you. When anger starts mounting due to a particular situation, try your best to pull away from that situation. A quick and brisk walk would help you vent out your anger in a non-destructive manner. This would ensure that you get a complete control of yourself.
Picture your kids:
Parents are always role models for their children. Whenever you feel that you are losing grip of yourself on account of your anger, imagine your child’s face in front your eyes. Imagine how you would like your child to see you in the current situation. This technique works for responsible parents who want their children to learn the right things in life.
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