Holiday At Home Versus Abroad

Sometimes it can be difficult knowing whether to go abroad for a holiday or whether to stay in the country that you live. There are a number of factors to consider when you are making your decision.

  • Cost:
    The budget that you have for your holiday will limit your choice. You may find that it will be a lot cheaper to stay in the country that you live in than to pay for the transport to go abroad. If you have to pay for passports, visas as well as travel, then the cost can really add up and so you need to factor that in. However, if you have these already you may find that there are some foreign holidays that can be cheaper than staying in your own country, so you will need to search carefully to find out which will be the cheapest option for you.
  • Travel Time:
    Travelling abroad can take a lot of time. Getting to the airport, train station or the coast can take time and then there is the train, boat or plane journey. You often have to arrive early to check-in and then hang around waiting until your transport is ready. You may then have to find connections at the other end of the journey. It can be possible to travel for days and so if you have only a short amount of time for your holiday, it may not be worth doing this. It is also worth considering how much you like travelling, as some people think of it as part of the holiday and others do not enjoy it.
  • Accommodation:
    You may like to stay in certain types of accommodation and this may limit your holiday choice. If you want to stay in expensive country hotels, then you may find that there are not so many of these available in certain countries. If you like camp sites, caravan parks or self-catering accommodation, you may also find the same thing. Many places have specific types of accommodation and you will have to decide on whether they have something that suits you. You may also want to try new types of accommodation, which may mean staying in a new place.
  • Holiday Needs:
    It is worth considering what you want to get out of your holiday. You may want to explore a new place, try out lots of activities, just relax or learn some history. You need to consider whether you can get this from a holiday in the country that you live in or whether you will need to go abroad to get that. It may be that you enjoy exploring a new country or that you are happy relaxing anywhere that is away from home.

Sarah McPherson often writes on behalf of the One Mile Beach Holiday Park which is located in NSW Australian. The One Mile Beach holiday Park is a Port Stephens Accommodation provider ideally located right next to the beach.