Top 3 Content Management Systems For Professional Websites

No matter what type of business you operate, it is absolutely essential to have a reliable website that is easily accessible for your customers to view.  However, many business owners are not web content experts and many can find it difficult to effectively manage their website.  There are many effective content management systems available for business owners, and selecting the correct one can make a world of difference for any entrepreneur.  Here is a list of some of the most powerful and easy to use CMS systems to help you effectively manage your web site content.

Top 3 Content Management Systems For Professional Websites


Although it got its start as a blogging platform, WordPress can be used as an easy and free content management system that is free.  The benefit of WordPress is that there is a large community that stands behind it.  It can be used in many applications including multi tab brochure styles, social network plugins, and you can even use it as an online e-commerce store.  One main benefit that business owners like about WordPress is that there are many tutorial videos online that an owner can use to get a grasp on the different aspects of the system.  One big downfall however is that WordPress is not a very secure system and can become victim to online attacks. Another downfall to WordPress is that it is not very customizable.


Joomla is another powerful CMS that is free to the public, and is a very powerful backend network tool for businesses.  Joomla can be useful for business tasks such as inventory control, reservation systems, and complex business directories.  Much like WordPress, Joomla has a very active user community and finding tutorial videos is very simple. Joomla can integrate with shopping carts and different modules that make this CMS extremely customizable. It is also a very simple backend that is user-friendly for those who aren’t website developers.

Top 3 Content Management Systems For Professional Websites


If security is your main focus for a CMS, ExpressionEngine is right up your alley with no major security breach ever.  Although ExpressionEngine is not free, it offers some of the most used plugins including discussion forums, wiki, member management, mailing list, statistics, and e-commerce.  The content management system also offers very reliable commercial support and there are no restrictions on how a web-site can be designed.  The main weaknesses however, of Expression Engine compared to other widely used CMS applications is that the cost is much more than many other commercial website CMS applications and it can be overkill for many simpler and smaller web sites.

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