A Wonderful Ride: 6 Cityscapes To Spectate Via Helicopter Ride

Most of us who grew up in a city would love to take a break from its usual hustle and bustle aura. But what if we try to see modernity and the life of the metropolis in a different perspective, this time taking a ride over it. One way to realize the scale of a city’s beauty and uniqueness is to witness it through airborne.

Helicopter tours are becoming more and more popular because it gives tourists and even city locals an entirely different view of the city they are visiting. Aside from that, it prevents them from dealing with traffic-clogged streets, crowded sidewalks, and the noise and commotion of people at the ground level.

So, if you want to know the best cities to ride a helicopter over and get a bird’s eye view of the bustling life below, take time to read this article.

Have Fun In Tokyo, Japan

A Wonderful Ride: 6 Cityscapes To Spectate Via Helicopter Ride
Having a helicopter ride over Japan’s lively capital will inevitably put the greatness of the city into perspective. Heavily populated but opening out towards the water, a helicopter ride around the city will revolve around the Tokyo Sky Tree transcending the lively metropolis below.

Don’t forget to take the tour at night and feast your eyes on the brilliant city lights that illuminate the main streets through the city and define the different sectors down below. What’s more, you’ll be amazed with the real scale of the city and how many people are living and working in such a dense place.

Explore and Play at Las Vegas, Nevada

A Wonderful Ride: 6 Cityscapes To Spectate Via Helicopter Ride
A helicopter tour over the place known as The Sin City will only assume towards the spectacular if you travel over it and see its wonders at night. During the evening, the surrounding desert and the glittering city of lights will blend to make it a worthwhile place to see high above ground level.

Flying over Las Vegas will also give you the chance to see some of the stunning natural beauty and achievements of the city’s ingenious urban planning. The Indian reservation and the Grand Canyon will make for a marvelous viewing from above too. You can also take pleasure in the massive Hoover Dam and witness the amazing feats of engineering at work.

Get Your Adventure Fix at Sydney, Australia

A Wonderful Ride: 6 Cityscapes To Spectate Via Helicopter Ride
Flying over the sprawling city of Sydney will get you to enjoy the city’s famous Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge and the wild and rustic expanse of outer New South Wales.

Have a helicopter tour from Australia’s trusted helicopter service provider Micro Flite, and it will take you to excursions into Sydney’s Southern Highlands and its rocky Blue Mountains. Highlights along the way include stopovers at boutique wineries, rustic alehouses, and beautiful vineyard estates.

Fall In Love In London, England

A Wonderful Ride: 6 Cityscapes To Spectate Via Helicopter Ride
The aerial view from a chopper of London’s stunning landmarks from the London Eye, The Shard, and St. Paul’s dome, is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience. Also, a thousand feet above the ground over the River Thames will take you to an entirely different level of sightseeing.

Compared to Tokyo, London is a relatively small city. But you will not regret taking a helicopter ride over it because the city has its fair share of beauty to offer.

Most of London’s helicopter tours will get you to several riverside essentials and around the bustling metropolis center, from the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace to Canary Wharf and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Get Your Bite at ‘The Big Apple’ New York City, New York

A Wonderful Ride: 6 Cityscapes To Spectate Via Helicopter Ride
New York is known as one of the most iconic skylines in the world. It has been a staple when it comes to aerial footage in news and movies throughout the years. As such, it will surely be a lovely experience when you see it with your eyes the stunning view of Manhattan through aerial vantage point.

Helicopter tours are very popular in the city, and you will find many landmarks that make you say, “Wow!” From the incredible architecture of Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Center to the magnificent expanse of North Meadow baseball fields, New York will have no shortage of wonders to offer.

Feed Your Bohemian Spirit at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

A Wonderful Ride: 6 Cityscapes To Spectate Via Helicopter Ride
Brazil’s capital Rio de Janeiro is a city like no other, and a metropolis uniquely appreciated from the air. The famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema contrast that of the Sugar Loaf overshadowing the metropolis with Christ the Redeemer standing with its arms wide open over the bustling city below.

In a bird’s eye view from a helicopter, you will witness the sheer urban density of the bustling city.


Taking a helicopter ride will bring you to a whole new, different perspective of a city. That’s why it is good that we experience a helicopter tour even for once in our lifetime. You can choose from one or two of the cities mentioned above for a start.