Parenting Is A Lifetime Commitment

Being a parent is one of the biggest commitments in life and the joy of being a parent knows no bounds. The feeling takes a while to sink in, right from the thought of being a parent to the time waiting to hold your offspring in your hands is the best phase to understand the journey ahead.
Hands on parenting begin when the child arrives in a person’s life and raising children is a completely different experience. Parenting tests different skills of an individual, a parent needs to be a good manager, cook, early response team member, nurse and many more.
Raising a child
Raising a child involves plenty of skill and the parent must be able to adapt to the situation and make the most of it for both themselves and the child. Different set of rules are applicable for raising children into confident individuals who will be well accepted in the society.
Parenting plays a big role in molding a child and offers emotional and physical support. They learn the facts of life as they grow and there can be no better place than home. Supportive parents are very important in a child’s life and this is one of the main reasons that a family atmosphere makes a tremendous impact on the child and its future ahead.
There are many different aspects to parenting and various methodologies that are recommended. A parent is the best judge, select the right approach and continue to implement it with modifications wherever necessary to offer the best support to your child/children.
Parents will have to tread the path carefully and learn from each experience and make the most of it too. There will be tremendous changes as there are new entrants to the family, and each child needs a different parenting approach. A lot of information is available on parenting skills and with increased level of awareness and easy access to such kinds of information; parents are able to make the best out of their skills.
Which way to go?
Many parents find themselves wondering if what they are doing for their child is the best. There are several different ways to raising children and most of the ways are heavily influenced by the kind of parenting they received.
This is why a family set up plays a very important role and parents must invest a lot of time and effort to provide their children with the best home atmosphere. Some parents tend to be strict with their children, rules and punishments for not obeying them are the way they discipline their children.
But studies have proven that this is one of the main reasons for children growing up to be hostile individuals. Some parents believe that watching their wards is over parenting and restrictive. There is always a chance such children grow up to be individuals who do not obey rules. This may impact their future in a career or in their own family life.
A much saner approach is to use a perfect blend of both; parents must set rules and try to live by example. Rewarding and punishing children for their deeds is acceptable, this teaches them to value things and people better and grow up into balanced individuals with good decision making skills.
James is a writer and blogger with 5 years experience.