5 Reasons To Vacation In West Virginia This Winter

Today’s economy often makes travelling difficult, especially for those remote winter destinations. But a great vacation does not have to be in some far removed destination. There are some great vacation hot spots in the United States that often go overlooked. West Virginia vacations can be some of the most thrilling, culturally diverse and dynamic vacations anyone can ever take. If you think you know all there is about West Virginia, and all that there is to see, here are five reasons why you should vacation in West Virginia.
Experience a holiday retreat
What better reason to visit West Virginia other than to enjoy a holiday retreat? Whether for just you and your significant other, your family, or a group of friends, you can make your way to West Virginia and find a cozy log cabin to rent. You can spend time cooking tasty meals, watching movies or playing board games, among others.
Strap on your skis
If there’s one winter activity in West Virginia that’s a favorite among many, it’s skiing. In West Virginia you can find some of the best places to enjoy a day of skiing and other winter sports including snow tubing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and sledding. There are various parks available as well as highly ranked ski-resorts that provide you with all of the necessary equipment, or you can bring your own.
Enjoy live entertainment
While staying in West Virginia, be sure to make your way to the beautiful and historic Capital Music Hall, where you can enjoy various concerts, shows and events.  As West Virginia’s biggest and most popular entertainment complex, you can spend the night entertained by famous artists, pop stars, dance groups, or a national Broadway production.
Take a taste of West Virginia
If it’s a well-cooked meal you’re after, West Virginia offers you an array of restaurants, pubs and café’s. Since you’ll be lodging in West Virginia, you’ll have various café’s available to start your morning, or provide you with some warm cocoa to enjoy on a cold evening. Whether you’re a seafood lover or enjoy a nice juicy steak, there are restaurants to please all taste buds, along with refreshing drinks. If you’d like to stick around for the night life, there are exceptional after-hours clubs and casinos you can make your way to.
Learn the rich history of West Virginia
For those that love learning more about the land, they, too, can get their fix. West Virginia is rich with Civil War history and is home to many historic battlefields. Stop by the Rich Mountain Battlefield Civil War Site, Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park, or Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park and relive history. Remember, these are only three of the many historic sites to visit.
These are just five reasons, along with plenty of additional reasons, why you should consider taking a few West Virginia vacations this holiday. Most packages are extremely affordable and you will find that there is truly something for everyone no matter what the age. Enjoy West Virginia!
Jillian Johnson is a professional marketing content writer who blogs on a variety of topics. Follow her @MissWritey.