Looking At Luggage: How To Avoid Luggage Horror Stories

Out of every thousand pieces of luggage handled by airline baggage assistants, twelve of those pieces are damage. It brings a concerning question into light, whether you should invest a little more for a durable piece of luggage. Avoiding airplane luggage stories requires one to find a piece of luggage with a hard body shell. Some of the cheap imitators may seem like they provide adequate protection, but the plastic isn’t as hard as some top brands of spinner luggage like Samsonite, Delsey, and Eurolite. These brands use a lightweight Polycarbonate plastic that will protect your belongings and will literally lighten the load when carrying the luggage up flights of stairs.
Luggage Horror Stories
There is a good amount of horror stories that stem from luggage failures. Incidents like broken exteriors, handles, and wheels are on the top of the list. Besides the fact that you may look foolish when attempting to transport a piece of luggage with a stuck handle, you are left with a stressful experience in the airport. Limited warranties usually expire before you experience a broken piece of luggage. These warranties have also been known to fall short because of fine print limitations like, not covering damage from abuse, mishandling, and carelessness of the airline baggage handlers.  Choosing a luggage with a hard body shell will ensure that your belongings are protected. Have you ever traveled home from a destination, and on arrival check your luggage to find your souvenirs in multiple pieces?  These types of situations can be avoided if you choose a piece of luggage with an ABS/polycarbonate shell.
Spinner luggage is a great choice if you want to improve mobility while you are transporting your luggage through the airport. What makes this type of luggage great is the way the wheels are designed. The four wheels on this type of luggage are able to rotate and give you a smooth and effortless experience.  The only issue with spinner wheel comes into play if you choose a luggage with cheap craftsmanship, where the wheels lock up or break over time. Look for a luggage brand that implements quality wheels and wheel supports. You want to avoid the situation where your wheels stick or break leaving you with a metaphorical flat tire. You may initially spend a little more than you wanted to, but you will get more life out of your luggage and won’t open up your wallet for another false expectation on a cheap imitator.
The invention of flight was to improve and ease human transportation. Why wouldn’t you want to make that experience seamless with a quality piece of luggage? Do your research to stay ahead of the curve and purchase a piece of luggage that won’t make you a conversation piece to the passersby in the airport.

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