Chill Out: How to Keep Your Home Cooler with Minimal Effort

When the full force of summer heating is in effect, all you want is a refreshing way to cool off and make the home comfortable for the family. The bad part is the heat drains your energy, so ideas you can easily implement are most people’s favorite. We give you four excellent ways to ensure your home stays the temperature you want it to this summer.

Use smart thermostats

PC Magazine tells viewers there are many affordable programmable technologies individuals can buy for the house. Nest makes options from about $150 dollars to under $250 while Lux offers models below $100. All units are self-install items. Lux and Honeywell make innovative thermostats offering you a wide range of compatibility with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Replace HVAC systems with energy efficient models

When your cooling system reaches a decade old, it can begin to cost you more money to operate. Homeowners can pay over $100 more per year by using old and inefficient HVAC units. Energy Star suggests filling voids in home insulation and sealing up the air ducts to get the most savings out of your new unit.

Use reverse cycle air conditioning

A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is efficient, comes with a warranty, and is safe for the environment. These units are easy to install and multiple options are available for any budget. The best perks are the quality names, a wide range of products, and innovative technologies on board each system. The most efficient systems have five-star product ratings.

Upgrade insulation and home seals

No matter what system you choose, how high it rates on the Energy Star rankings, or how efficient the item, your home will never stay cool with old insulation. Windows, doors, and seals around cooling units, air ducts, and vents can let the cool air out of the house. When you add new weatherstripping, thick curtains, and caulk around the windows, the cool air stays between your walls.
Make your summer more comfortable with our top four tips for chilling out. With a few key upgrades or replacements, you can save money, help the environment, and stay even more comfortable this summer. Look for products with high star ratings to get the most efficient cooling units for your house. Another key piece of advice is to vet HVAC installers thoroughly to ensure you get a high-quality installation and warranty with your choice of cooling system.