How to Honeymoon On A Budget

How to Honeymoon On A Budget

From water villas in the Maldives to safaris in Africa, honeymoons are synonymous with luxury. But all this comes at a hefty price, and one that’s not always possible after an expensive wedding. Keeping costs low while still having the honeymoon of your dreams isn’t difficult to achieve – there are many routes you can go down for that post-wedding holiday of a lifetime (that’s affordable too).

Hire a Campervan

Don’t dismiss the possibility of hitting the open road in your very own hired campervan. You’ll enjoy a new level of freedom as the two of you hop on board, press play on your favourite playlist and drive to wherever you want, whenever you want. Perhaps you’ll tour the UK or maybe you’ll take on a few countries in Europe – whatever you choose, sleeping under the stars sounds pretty romantic to us.

Jump on a Train

We are blessed with a brilliant rail network in the UK, so why not take advantage of that on your honeymoon? Ditch air travel in favour of jumping on a train to one of Britain’s many beautiful beach resorts, or opt for a city break. The possibilities are endless when you consider rail travel – and you don’t even need to stick to one destination.

Rent a Mountain Lodge

For a honeymoon with a twist, head to Europe and rent a mountain lodge or alpine hut in the wilderness. The accommodation might be a bit more basic than your average five star hotel, but you’ll be out exploring your incredible surroundings most of the time. There are many gorgeous opportunities across Europe. Italy has many beautiful locations and the same goes for the Czech Republic, Austria and France. If you decide to have your wedding in winter, you could combine it with a skiing trip, although the prices for your accommodation might be significantly higher during this time.

House Sit

If you’re up for something a bit different, have you considered house sitting? There are many home owners on the hunt for people to look after their abodes while they’re away, which could be a great opportunity for you to explore somewhere new. If you’re an animal lover, try pet sitting and you’ll get not only a honeymoon, but a new furry friend too!

Choose a Cheaper Destination

Destinations like the Maldives charge a premium for honeymooners. But there are many places that will offer you cheaper accommodation and living costs. Have a look at Bali or Thailand, which could work out more affordable than even a plush hotel in Europe. If you love adventure, consider Canada or if you’d prefer a bit closer to home, Croatia is a super affordable country. It boasts a beautiful coastline and several beaches to relax on. Another possibility is Turkey, where you can find some good deals in Bodrum. Here you will find beaches that can rival those of many more expensive destinations and still stay within your budget. Aside from that you can enjoy the fashionable nightlife and historic sightseeing opportunities.

Book Early and Look for Deals

Wherever you decide to go, book early. Most travel agents can book flights up to 11 months in advance – you’ll then have lots of extra time to shop around for hotel deals. Try to avoid travelling during school holidays to make sure you don’t pay a premium, and have a look online at the larger branded travel agents. Some of them specialise in honeymoon bookings and might be able to give you a deal. If you’re desperate to stay in a premium hotel, go for it if budget allows – but consider booking a basic room. You’ll still get to experience the five star service and surroundings, and you’ll spend most of your time out exploring anyway.

Even if you choose to stay in a more expensive holiday location, you could still find some good deals. Search for areas that are less frequently visited by travellers. Here you will also get to experience more of the local culture than you would in one of the main tourist destinations.

Planning ahead

Plan as early for your honeymoon as you do for your wedding. As you probably already know, wedding preparations can be extremely time-consuming and sometimes challenging. Spend as much time preparing as you can. You will see how fast the time will pass until your special day is here. You don’t want to cram in your preparations for your honeymoon at the last moment. If you don’t feel like taking care of everything yourself, or if you simply don’t have the time, you can always hire a wedding planner. Many wedding planners will also organise honeymoons. They often have connections and know where to find the best deals. They also know how to make your honeymoon unforgettable.

Multiple destinations

Why stick to only one destination on your honeymoon? It is becoming more common for couples to travel to more than one destination and explore several different locations and sights on the way. It is easy to take the train through Europe or to go by car. You could explore magnificent coast lines in the South of France or Italy and only spend one or two nights in one place. If you love to surf or to go mountain bike riding you could also focus on one activity and centre your vacation around it. By thinking outside the box, you are sure to enjoy an amazing holiday that you will always remember.