Great Destinations for Family Tours

If you fancy travelling with the family in tow this summer then there are some great destinations that are perfect for doing just that. One of the key ingredients to any family tour is to include something for everyone and from ancient ruined citadels to tropical water parks, making time and energy for each other is the best way to success.
In the past I’ve travelled with my family to North America, Asia and Europe and I can safely say that with a little preparation and a lot of consideration we were all able to have a great time with the minimum of ‘hellish’ moments.
Wherever you’re planning on heading to this summer, one thing is for sure: family holidays should be just that and from the kids to grandparents, if you can set an agenda that includes everyone’s wishes then you’re in for the time of your life.
Below are my top five ideas for families on tour and each includes plenty of options for everyone including a few more thrown in that you can all enjoy together.
The campsites of Europe
Germany, France, Italy and Spain are literally overflowing with campsites and even if you’re not travelling by campervan you’ll still find plenty of fun staying under canvas. Pitch your own tent or use a static tent that’s already been erected for you, both are great options and affordable too. Once you’re all settled in then you get to make the use of the campsite facilities and from swimming pools to restaurants, there’s usually loads to do in a relatively safe and secure environment. Top tip: Travel to several different campsites on one holiday and you’ll get to use fresh facilities and make new friends as you go.
The Pacific Coast
California is undoubtedly one of the best locations for holiday-makers whoever you’re travelling with and the stretch of highway from San Francisco down to LA is simply stunning. Some of the best family-friendly highlights have to include the coastal villages of Big Sur and seaside towns, such as Monterey and Santa Cruz, and a stop-over will present a wide range of motel, camp ground and hotel from where to sleep for the night. There are untold natural highlights along this stretch of coastline and sea lions, seals and lone cypress tress make for some remarkable moments. Top tip: One of the best family-friendly locations on the west coast are the national parks of Yosemite and the King’s Canyon which are both ideal for lodging and trekking trails.
Travelling Around Britain
Great Britain is just perfect for touring families and no matter whether: you’re in a camper, have a caravan in tow or are travelling by car, there are just so many things to see and do that you’ll be spoilt for choice. England is a blend of seaside resort, sprawling city and country village and travelling from north to south will no doubt present some incredibly interesting family-friendly highlights. Scotland also has its fair share of towns and cities however, a trip to the Highlands to take in the mountains and lochs will leave you breathless as well as fit as a fiddle. Finally, Wales is awash with beaches and lush green hillsides and no family holiday worth its salt would dare to miss a chance to trek up the side of Snowdon or explore the rugged stretch of north coast from Rhyl to Holyhead.
Southeast Asia
For families wishing to tour further afield then look no further than the jungles and beaches of Southeast Asia. Thailand, Cambodia and Laos are all extremely accessible and if you can plan a round trip from Bangkok then you’ll take in some awesome experiences, including white-water-rafting, hill-tribe lodgings and the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat. Travelling by train or by bus is probably the best way to tour overland however, if you don’t have the time, there are plenty of airports to whisk you from the beaches of southern Thailand to the rainforests of the north, in no time at all.
East Coast USA
Simply one of the best places for travelling families is the east coast of America as there’s such a healthy blend of beach, city and forest to ensure you find something for everyone. Try travelling from the thundering Niagara Falls in New York State southwards through Boston, New York City and Washington because if you’re looking for things to do as a family, you’ll be knee-deep in awesome activities. All 3 cities are blessed with endless museums, galleries and parks and provide no end of educational and entertaining ways for parents to spend time with their kids. Further south and the mountain trails of Virginia are a must on any USA tours and from trekking and overnight lodgings to finding out more about the American Civil War, the east coast is simply ideal for families on tour.