Unforgettable Ethical Wildlife Vacations For Animal Lovers

Unforgettable Ethical Wildlife Vacations For Animal Lovers

Wouldn’t it be great if the next summer vacation is spent in nature and amongst the wildlife instead of a European vacation? While the Internet search shows a huge list of famous spots for wildlife tourism, visiting them mostly ends up with a dreadful scene. Creating a list of vacations to go with no animal abuse almost looks impossible. The very reason why finding the best locations for an ethical wildlife vacation means nothing less than a Lost Treasure.

Plan A Vacation At The Right Location

Here is the interesting thing, there are places that allow visitors to enjoy the wild in the wild. Well, almost! The bottom line, protected, and happy animals that don’t end up causing guilt to the visitors after the vacation. Here is a list of 10 vacation spots that promise unforgettable experiences for the animal lovers out there.

  1. Marine Life Expedition At The Galapagos Islands

The Virgin Islands and extraordinary marine life is what the Galapagos Islands promise to the tourists. But, while the place makes it an amazing location for ethical wildlife vacations, strict regulations don’t make it easy to reach. However, with a little increase in vacation money, this dream might come true.

Galapagos Islands

  1. Watch The Oranguatans In Borneo

Borneo promises ethical wildlife tourism for a perfect vacation. It houses the endangered species of orangutans, and due to the effects of deforestation, these animals require protection and responsible exposure. Although their number is low, watching them up close is a magical vacation experience for human beings sheerly due to the similarities.

  1. Experience The Remote Beauty Of Antarctica

Antarctica offers a space for the undisturbed wilderness. The frozen polar land is home to seals, penguins, whales, and many other animals. Although inhabitable for human beings, there are cruises that bring the dream vacation image alive. Watching sea animal colonies in the most remote continent of the Earth in a boat or ship ride may seem exciting; there are codes to abide by in the country during the vacation. Thus, be careful and research before planning what to take on holiday, especially this one.

wild life Of Antarctica

  1. Save The Caribbean Manatees At Belize

There are a lot of people who call themselves wildlife lovers, but not many are for real. A vacation to Belize is not for everyone; it is for the people who, instead of touring like others, like to make a difference. The moral of the story? Belize has a few non-profit organizations, where you can join as a volunteer. Also, work with the team to save the Caribbean Manatees or the Endangered Sea Cows. Of course, not to forget the reefs and rainforests.

  1. Volunteer At Bolivia Animal Refuge

Bolivia is another place that takes volunteers for the private refuge for rescued animals. Senda Verde Animal Refuge and Eco-Resort in Yungas are two places where anyone can visit and plan a little vacation scheme. The opportunity allows volunteers to take care of anything varying from birds like parrots and macaws to animals, wild cats, and bears.

  1. Visit The Abused Elephants In Thailand

Interacting with Elephants in Thailand is a common practice, but what’s unknown is the abuse these animals go through because of tourism. So, instead of planning a vacation to Thailand as a tourist, volunteering at the Elephant Nature Park (ENP) Rescue And Rehabilitation Center, Chiang Mai may be a much better idea.

6. Abused Elephants In Thailand

  1. Witness The Largest Biodiversity At Costa Rica

A fascinating fact about Costa Rica is that it boasts of hosting 5% of the world’s total biodiversity. It may sound insane, but it is true, so if anyone credits himself for being an animal lover, he has to have Costa Rica in his vacations to go Bucket List for the obvious reasons. Although the place gives a tourist a lot of options like adventures in the Rainforest, visiting the various conservation projects is something you shouldn’t miss. The opportunity to touch, hold and take care of sea turtles, and other wildlife may not come anywhere, anytime.

  1. Safari Ride at Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is the largest and the capital city of Kenya. But wait, no one wants to visit a city during a vacation, right? The highlight of this place is the Nairobi National park that houses many Non-Profit Organizations working for the welfare of animals. It is one of the best places to kick start a safari ride and meet the giraffes, black rhinos, zebras, lions, and elephants on the ride.

  1. Trek for the Gorillas in Uganda

There are not many mountain gorillas left in the world. Although there are other endangered species, people, who have come across gorillas, describe the experience as a life-changing vacation. The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda consists of 400 Mountain Gorillas that is approximately 60% of the existing population. Finding the Gorillas involves a trek through the misty forest of the National Park, which is a beautiful experience. Trekking through the forest may last a few hours, and although it may involve getting dirty, the forest itself is an experience to behold.

Trek for the Gorillas in Uganda

  1. South Africa

Anything concerning wildlife cannot end without mentioning South Africa. Safari, drive with vacation rentals or walks, the country allows wildlife lovers to have the best wildlife experience. Especially with the visible presence of elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards, giraffes, hippos, and many other animals.

Moral Of The Story?

The best part about the list of ethical wildlife spots mentioned above is that some are not even touristy. While a few vacations involve cruising to a remote island, others trekking through rainforests, and yet others helping the wild. But what’s common in all of them is that they are all well-protected. Hence, you may want to be careful while planning what to pack for vacation. So, which ethical wildlife destination do you plan to go for your next vacation?