Summer Is Here! Prepare Your Garden

Well, well, well. It looks like summer has finally arrived; it had been a long winded wait. Now is the perfect time to be focusing on your garden and host those parties you’ve been waiting for. Having a well kept and groomed garden gives you the perfect area in which you can relax through the summer season, although it might take a bit of work, it’s well worth it when you have a nice spot to unwind, enjoy cold beverage and cook up a barbecue with your nearest and dearest love ones.

We as an estate agent in central London have come with some tips on preparing your garden for summer.

Whether its pool partys, garden partys, or just your average family bbq. We have the tips to make sure your garden looks tip top for the up coming summer.

Plan your Garden

For some, it this might be your first time in taking care of your garden appearance and you might feel a little out of your depth but there’s no need to panic. If you want the best results, the sensible thing to do is to plan ahead. You don’t have to create a garden master plan, just ensure that you have a reasonable layout sorted. Make a note of what needs to be done first, things like having a clear out and getting rid of unnecessary junk is essential, this can be done by simply hiring a skip and throwing away old scrap which isn’t needed anymore, you will fundamentally be killing to birds with one stone. We like to think a clean and tidy garden is a happy garden.

Prepare your Tools

After planning your garden, now’s the time to get stuck in, literally! If you have a lot of open space and want to make your garden more vibrant, the best thing to do is invest into flowers and plants. This is the perfect season for them as they will be getting natural food from sunlight. However we aren’t saying this is easy, you will need to dedicate some time to maintain the appearance of these flowers by trimming them when overgrowing and giving them water to blossom. If you don’t already have garden tools, it might be time to start investing or borrowing them off a neighbour. Some of the equipment you will need to maintain a healthy garden are; trowels, rakes, shovels, trimming tools watering systems and a lawn mower. These are great investments as you will need them for the coming years. As well as planting those beautiful flowers, you can also put in time and effort into home growing your own fruit and vegetables. What better way to host a garden party with Pimms mixed with fresh mint and strawberries. Sequentially in do this, you will need large quantities of mineral rich compost, and you can get this from any garden centre. Make your garden greener by making the most of a compost bin and fill them with your choice of fruit and veg seeds.

Gurleen Jhooti is an experienced garden writer. Gurleen with the help of LDG estate agents in London have come up with this article to help you prepare that garden.