A Beautiful Trip To The State Of Kerala

A Beautiful Trip To The State Of Kerala

The God’s own country is located in the southernmost part of the Indian subcontinent. It is fairly easy to reach Kerala by air, sea, as well as the road. You must make an informed decision for choosing the correct Kerala tour package that serves your travel needs well. Here are a few ways in which you can reach the state quickly. 

A Beautiful Trip To The State Of Kerala

Take a Flight – Under Strict Time Constraints

If you are facing strict time constraints, you might want to spend most of your time exploring Kerala rather than traveling to the state. Under such circumstances, you can take a flight to either Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram or Kozhikode for a quick getaway. You will find cheap flights from all major domestic terminals in India to Kochi. 

By Train – Beautiful Journey Filled with Tunnels

If you have a few days to spare for the trip and are traveling with a large group of friends, you must check out the vast expanse of the Konkan railway. The Konkan railway that leads to Kochi is one of the most celebrated routes of the Indian railway system. The route passes through several tunnels with a lush green environment on either side of the tracks. 

By Road – For a Fun-filled Adventure

You can also reach Kerala via road if you do not hesitate driving with friends/family. However, the journey can be really arduous as you have to navigate through a lot of blind turns in the mountains with precision at slow speeds. So, it is advisable to drive to Kerala only if you can share the driving experience with a peer. 

By Sea – Travel in an Unconventional Way

You can also travel to Thiruvananthapuram via a boat from Mumbai or any other major port in the country. Kerala can also serve as an intermediary stop for you in case you are planning on visiting the Lakshadweep islands via a boat from there on. 

Once you reach Kochi, you can either choose to discover the urban town or head straight for the mountains by hiring a taxi. A journey from Kochi to the Munnar will take about 4 hours. You must hire a professional taxi driver to drive in the mountains since navigating through the several blind turns is a tricky task. 

The right Kerala tour package will help you get the tickets to state at a reasonable price. It will also help you plan your schedule in advance so that you get to visit all the important tourist locations without fail.