What You Should Consider When Buying Blinds

When selecting blinds for your home, not only is it important to select the right style and aesthetics, you need to consider other factors as well. You should contemplate the stack height, size, and safety and maintenance. These factors are important when buying blinds to make your window the perfect focal point of the room. To help when buying the right blind, we have compiled a list of the points you should consider.


Blinds come in four types of style; Venetian, Roman, Honeycomb and Vertical. Each one offers advantages and disadvantages and a majority of the drawbacks focused on light adjusting. Venetian blind is commonly use, with horizontal slats that can be raised and lowered by a cord, but can be damaged quite easily. Roman blinds consist of a sheet of fabric (or plastic) that is folded when raised and flattens when lowered, but cannot adjust light entry. As each type of blind has their own pros and cons, it is worth considering which one would be beneficial for your window and how they can work with your glass.


Often referred to as the “stack height”, this refers to the amount of space the blinds take when completely folded. Honeycomb and Venetian blinds have a short stack height, which can be beneficial for a window with a picturesque view. Make sure you measure the full length of the blinds, both folded and unfolded to decide if they will fit the measurements of the window.


This is extremely important, especially if you have small children. The cord for a blind can be extremely dangerous as a child can strangle themselves with it, so when buying blinds, you should consider the chord mechanism. Many blind manufacturers provide safety cords that when put under pressure can detach and prevent strangulation. Opting for a wand to operate the raising and the lowering can also prevent this danger as well.


As with the height, you should measure the size of your window to ensure the height and length of the blinds fit. Certain types that are mounted above the window need to be bigger and will block the most light by taking up most of the window. Blinds fitted to the sides are considered tidier and allow more light to enter the room. Take the size, along with the stack height of the blinds into consideration.


Blinds can be relatively easy to clean, with Venetian blinds for example; a tumble dryer sheet is an excellent dust cleaner as it attracts dirt through static. Blinds made from fabric, such as Roman can be dry cleaned or vacuum. Cleaning blinds is fairly simple, but when it comes to malfunctioning, you should choose blinds which are easy to repair as Venetian blinds can be easily damaged.

Carefully chosen blinds can add an exceptional attribute to your home to not only make your window a perfect focal point, but can allow sufficient light as well as privacy. Blind manufacturers can give you excellent advice on how to choose, as well as providing options to give blinds a sense of style and colour. Following the suggestions above will help guide you towards choosing the perfect blinds.

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