Is Your Business Safe?

If you own or manage a business, you will be acutely aware of just how valuable both your physical and intellectual property is to your continued success. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t realise how vulnerable their property is to attack, that is until they are the victim of a crime. Taking the time to assess any risks to your business and implement added security measures will help to protect both your staff and your property.

Secure entry systems

All businesses should ensure that they have a screening process for people wishing to enter the building. With valuable systems, information and products on site, a secure entry system will ensure that criminals can’t walk straight in off the street. Video intercom systems are recommended as they provide an additional deterrent to intruders, and ensure that staff have a clear view and memory of who has gained access to the property.

CCTV monitoring

Video surveillance is one of the most effective security systems that you can install in order to protect your premises from criminal activity. With smart CCTV solutions now available, your building can be monitored day and night by a remote team, who will be alerted to the presence of an intruder and issue a live warning, preventing the break-in before it happens. A highly effective solution to property protection, smart CCTV closes the window of opportunity that intruders usually have between an alarm being activated and a response arriving on the scene. Look into monitoring systems such as RE:SURE Business, which will help keep your business safe at all times.

Protect confidential information

Valuable information and company details can easily be obtained from discarded information shoved in the recycling bin. Any unrequired documents with confidential information relating to your business, employees or customers should be shredded before being disposed of. You should also ensure that important documents are not left lying around the office and visible to external visitors.

Backing up

Regularly backing up your business data is important not only to protect against unexpected system failures, but also ransomware attacks. In the digital age, it is increasingly common for businesses to be targeted by hackers, who demand large sums of money in return for the release of your information. These types of attacks can target both large and small-scale businesses, with some leading global companies also falling victim.

However, the significance of this type of attack is greatly reduced if you have a secure and recent back-up of your files. This can be done via an external hard drive or through cloud-based systems, however, physical backs-ups such as USB sticks should be kept separately (ideally in another building) from your regular IT systems, to provide extra security in the case of physical theft or fire.

Protecting your assets is just as important as obtaining them, and business owners should regularly undertake evaluations of potential risks and weaknesses in their security systems. As well as ensuring that surveillance systems and privacy procedures are in place, staff should also receive regular training on how to protect the business from both physical and cyber-crime, and what to do in the case of an emergency.