Interplay Of PDF and EPUB

It is extremely easy to create PDF files and people now-a-days like to save almost anything in PDF for several purposes like storing, archiving, publishing and distributing. A plethora of features are associated with PDF format and a lot is said about its trust worthiness, file integrity, security, reliability, platform independence and so on.
In spite of all these valuable features, considerable number of PDF users doesn’t think of PDF as hassle free in their daily work. They complain that they can’t make desired changes in the PDF documents without using some kind of PDF editors and can’t copy any content from the PDF file because of the embedded security features. Modifications and copying from the files are necessary functions required by any kind of users like educationists, office workers, businessmen etc.

Interplay Of PDF and EPUB

There has to be a solution to these disadvantages of PDF format. Converting the PDF files to EPUB format seems to be that solution to cope with the inherent discrepancies of PDF. PDF to EPUB converter for Mac provides the answer to all these problems and converts the PDF files to EPUB files in an easy to do manner. You get the real time book reading experience by converting your PDF files to EPUB format. Two page layout in the EPUB format gives you eBook a real book like appearance. All you need to do is to download the PDF converter pro for Mac from and install it on you Mac system.
After installing the PDF converter pro for Mac, you are just a few clicks away from converting your PDF files to EPUB files. Open the PDF converter for Mac and import or add the PDF files to be converted. You can add the PDF files conveniently via drag and drop method and adjust the order of PDF files in the queue later on or exclude the files mistakenly added to the interface.
Now choose the output format to Electronic Publication (.epub) format in the drop down list. If you have added more than one PDF files to be converted and you want to convert all of them to EPUB format, check the Apply to All option. If you don’t want to convert the whole PDF eBook to EPUB eBook, you can specify the exact number of pages or range of pages to be converted. This option of partial conversion saves you the hassle of handling excessive pages not wanted in the resultant EPUB file.
In the final step, select the destination path if it is different from the default destination of the converted file and click the convert button to start converting. When the conversion of PDF to EPUB is finished, you can sync the newly created EPUB eBooks to iPad or any other device for reading with iBooks app using iTunes software. To know more about these steps for the conversion of PDF files to EPUB files, visit> .
Android devices have PDF readers for viewing eBooks in PDF, but you can install ePub reader from the Google Play store to view the converted EPUB eBooks even on your Android device.


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