FooFighters In Newzealand…Dont Miss Them..!!

FooFighters are coming this fall in Australia for creating the best environment for their fans. FootFighters is a well-known rock band that existed more than 20 years in the music industry and are still going strong amidst the new range of talent that is flowing in. Old Wine is always better than new wine and they are proving their existence with their tours to Austraila, UK and Germany in the upcoming three months of 2015.

FooFighters will hold six  of their best performance in front of the Australian crowd for a period of 12 days, starting from  24 Feb, 2015. Do you want to be the part of their glorious journey? Then do not waste any time and book your tickets now. FooFighters are world’s most popular Rock band and to prove their grace to the journey, you should be the part of the event.

What makes FooFighters so special? Their history and series of outstanding album releases in their run for the past 20 years. Their existence is valued as they have 4 Grammy’s in their lifetime and have also made it to hundreds of Grammy nominations. So, there is no doubt in our mind that they are good at what they do and can mesmerize the audience with their sense of engaging music and righteous awesomeness!

FooFighters inception was not that great as the events of its formation started with the death of Nirvana Kurt Cobain. After his death, Nirvana Drummer Dave Grohl decided to dissolve the previous band Nirvana and started a one-man project, which is now known as FooFighters. Slowly, the band gained traction and many people joined the band to make it a grand success. They are yet to reach their epitome of excellence and we wish them great luck.

The beauty of the excellence is more connected with Nirvana in the early stages of the FooFigher Work. Drummer Dave Grohl, at first resisted himself not to use Kurt Cobain work, but later realized the excellence carried by the late Kurt Cobain and released many albums that made his band to push forward in the midst of uncertainty and hunger.

The name of the band comes from the obsession of Dave Grohl over UFO and American Fighter jet. He always believed that there is someone in the skies that is looking down on us in an uncannily smart way and may be the quest of the band is to find the UFO through their endeavors.

One of their major releases was Foo Fighters album released in 2015. Tons of powerful rock songs “This is a Call”, “I’ll Stick Around”, and “Big Me” made it to the rock scene and everyone loved their sense of working. Other popular albums include The color and the shape in 1997 and There is Nothing to Lose in 1999.

We all love FooFighter and their approach to the realms of rock songs. I wish they go on forever.