New La Liga Finalist: Who Is At The Top Of The Tournament List Now?

New La Liga Finalist: Who Is At The Top Of The Tournament List Now?

The results of the Spanish championship at the moment were influenced not only by the coronavirus. At the top of the tournament table at the moment is Real Sociedad.

The football team originally from the Basques has bypassed two teams and is now in first place in the tournament list.

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La Liga’s leading team is currently breaking all records during the last few years thanks to a successful player. Such unexpected activity of the team may also be explained by the weakness of the opponents. 10% of all players in the Spanish League have contracted the coronavirus, and other, weaker players were put in to replace them.

Accordingly, the last results of the two matches are disappointing for the opposing teams of Real Sociedad. The situation in the standings looks like this: the Real Sociedad team won the Betis team with a score of 3: 0. The match took place in Seville.

Also, another team that Sociedad has overtaken is Villarreal. The winning team beat the losing team by 11 points. This match took place at Benito Villamarin.

It is also worth noting players who play in the winning team. The main players who have raised their team to the top are Mikel Oyarsabal and Adnan Januzaj. Also in the game was the main striker Christian Porto.

Interesting fact. All matches were won in the cities of the losing teams. Therefore, the widespread fact that the team in the country in which the match takes place wins is disproved. Losing teams blame the winning team and don’t accept defeat. Moreover, the only one to blame for their loss is themselves. It is not reasonable to blame the other team for mistakes in training and miscalculations.

Both teams played tough. During the entire gameplay on the field, 12 goals were scored, of which only two goals were scored by the winning team. There were also several penalties and three warnings. Both teams tried to break out into the leaders, but the defense of the losers was much inferior.

Such the result can be explained not only by the quality player La Sociedad but also by the low positions of Sevilla. If you pay attention to the team’s board, you can see that during 3 years team misses an average of 3 goals in each match.

As for the rest of the teams, the Verdiblancos team started to act very confidently. They started the football season confidently and with victories, but the problem with defense is making itself felt. Let’s hope that the team will rise higher in the tournament table and will be on a par with La Sociedad.