Can Hypnosis Help You Quit Smoking?

Many ex-smokers owe their success to hypnosis but many more – both ex and still struggling – have tried hypnosis and have found it doesn’t work for them at all. Some people just have a lot of problems relaxing enough to actually be successfully hypnotised and although in theory anyone can by hypnotised briefly, many people do not carry the message away for long enough for it to help them stop. Many people go to hypnotists when all else has failed, so it is fair to say that hypnosis is usually the treatment of last resort and therefore less likely to succeed, but against that must be put the higher success rate in helping people quit of other methods, for example vaping, as the use of electronic cigarettes is known.

Choose your Hypnotist with Care

The problem with any hands on treatment such as hypnosis is that you must be comfortable with your hypnotist. If you can manage it, meet them before you start your treatment because if you don’t take to the person, the money might just as well have been set fire to – you won’t relax properly if there is no rapport. It might be said that choosing the right electronic cigarette is equally important and for this reason Prestige Vaping carries a wide range of disposable electronic cigarettes until you get used to vaping. Once you have decided whether it is right for you, you can move on to a more sophisticated type which can be refilled with the juice of your choice. Many people have different cigarettes in their collection but equally others find their favourite and stick to it. In either case, trial and error in vaping is never going to come close to the cost of trying to find the right hypnotist. The problem with choosing a hypnotist is that it is impossible to set parameters on what you want before you try it. Obviously word of mouth is important but everyone knows how hard it is to explain what they do and don’t like in a person. Sometimes it can be something as simple as perfume (or unfortunate lack of it!) which will mean that they will never gel.

No waiting

Some hypnotists can have very long waiting lists – and a good rule of thumb is never use one who can see you straight away, for obvious reasons! This can be a nuisance if you have finally screwed up your courage to try hypnosis and then have to wait weeks before you can get to see the hypnotist. Giving up tobacco is one of those things that has to be done as soon as the mood strikes and vaping instead of smoking can indeed be instantaneous – this accessibility makes it such a good option and also one that a person can share with friends. A successful visit to the hypnotist means you can recommend, but that isn’t as hands-on as being able to offer an electronic cigarette to a friend who is struggling to quit and seeing them set on the path to being tobacco-free.

Article by Rebecca Fearn, freelance copywriter, who often writes for Prestige Vaping.