The Newly Launched Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was really interesting as Samsung finally brought something metal structure and with the most powerful hardware of the generation.

The display of Galaxy Note 4 is most interesting, it comes with the display of 5.7 inches having resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels that correspond to the standard Quad HD. Their density is very high – 515 dpi. On the protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass third generation-reflecting coating and grease repellent. Split screen is of course possible, but only if you do it intentionally.

One of the features of Super Amoled PenTile is the high sensitivity and quick responsiveness of the sensor. Screen smartphone Samsung of Galaxy Note 4 can be controlled even when wearing gloves. However, for this you must enable the appropriate option in the settings.

Conclude that the screen can’t be considered a smartphone to find flaws. Brightness, contrast and color are much higher than the competition.

Of course, that such a high-quality display equipment reflected in the cost of the smartphone. That is why most manufacturers prefer to use their devices in standard low cost TFT-matrix and good IPS, but the difference between them and the Super Amoled is obvious. It is visible to the naked eye.

S Pen Stylus

The main feature of the smartphone Galaxy Note 4 is a built-in stylus S Pen, which evolves together with the series. It would seem that with the advent of Phablet stylus had to leave in history, but their use is still needed for some functions.

Electronic pen will be indispensable for artists, writers and business people. With it, you can do graphic sketches and create real masterpieces, as well as to quickly record the necessary information in a familiar way. And this is only the most primitive function of S Pen.

Smartphone instantly responds to user interaction with a stylus S Pen. Once the pen is removed from the slot, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 instantly displays the string to write notes and provides a number of special tools for creating screenshots.

The main advantage of the stylus is in a high accuracy of input. Despite the popularization of big labels, links, and large windows, many are familiar with the problem of improper selection of content. S Pen stylus will help to forget about those unpleasant moments. It also determines the strength of pressing and approach to the screen, obviously marking the object that you are going to select.

Like most portable devices of Samsung 2014, Galaxy Note 4 runs on the operating system Android 4.4.4 KitKat, which is installed on top of a proprietary user interface TouchWiz. Nothing new has appeared; everything remains the same as in the Samsung Galaxy S5. However, in the firmware greatly improved multitasking. It is impossible not to note the fact that the operating system is tightly integrated with Phablet active stylus.

With the new S-pen, design and faster performance, Samsung once again proved to be the best in the market. And now expectations from the upcoming device the Galaxy Note 6 could be set higher.