Why fantasy based games are the toast of the future

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Cricket is not a religion in India but many people in this part of the world consider it to be. Their life tends to revolve around it as they worship the cricketers pray for them and in a lot of ways they do treat cricketers as goods. But do not make any mistake just as top fantasy basketball league they are superficial fans. They do possess immense know-how as far as the sport is concerned. For this reason, the fantasy-based games have come into the picture today as it provides a platform for the experts to showcase their talents.

At an initial level, the fantasy-based games did cater to the devotion of the people towards this game but with time, these games did go on to generate a major customer base. Now many of you might be wondering on how to play fantasy cricket? Now when a match is taking place, you have to take into account the knowledge that you possess about both the teams, with an instinct benefit and form a team of 11 players from both sides. Considering how the selected players have performed you go on to accumulate points. Users all over the country go on to play this game. Once the game ends the scores are calculated and the person who has the highest point is declared the winner.

To put things into equation let us now consider the prime example of cricket. This works out to be a multi-billion dollar industry and rated to be among the popular ones in India. A major chunk of the people in the age bracket of 16 to 70 years is avid followers of this sport. In comparison to the world figures, a majority of the cricket lovers are from India. Taking one step ahead, basketball is slowly catching up on the shores of India. Once upon a time all of us used to admire the popular basketball players and with TV making way into our homes we can now watch NBA games sitting at our home. The best part is that some NBA games have been played in India and they have evoked a lot of interest. Especially among the younger lot, these sports have evoked a lot of positive reviews. If this growth rate continues in the days to come it might stand at par as far as popularity with football is concerned. Though on a serious note, it would be a mammoth challenge to keep it off cricket.

As far as fantasy cricket is concerned there are around 20 million users. But in the days to come the number of users is expected to rise. Be it any type of fantasy based games the number is expected to cross 100 million mark by 2020. It is not only about India but these fantasy based games are gaining prominence all over the world. With interest in such games on the rise more business owners are trying to make a foray into this domain. Gone are the days when it was a sport and more of a business of late.

There are numerous reasons for you to be investing in fantasy based games

Less competition

There is an ancient saying the early bird catches the worm and this point holds valid in such cases. Since this is a novel concept the competition in this domain is not high. If you keep on pondering for long this is only going to increase the number of players in this field and you might lose the worm. Once you launch early you can capture a major chunk of the fans and even there is no need to be facing the competition head-on.

Ample scope for improvement

If you launch the app at the last moment this could put you in a difficult situation. You are never going to know which bugs might arise and you would be able to cope up with the changes. Once you launch early it provides you scope for improvement and ensures that the experience is a seamless one. To get things right on your first attempt is not easy. Make it a point that you have spare time to test it.

Numerous opportunities

Every year there are an endless amount of tournaments taking place to be it of any stature? This provides with an endless opportunity to be part of such tournaments. Apart from the reputed countries of the world the market of India is one to reckon with. In the coming year, you are likely to witness numerous sporting tournaments worldwide. So you can go on to choose the best players fantasy basketball league at the same time. Not only you can watch the game but earn some spare cash.

An open domain

Most people in a country like India associate fantasy games with cricket and they stick to that view. But it is not like that as there are numerous other sports in this game. This also has a major fan following at the same time. In worldwide tournaments or NBA league, the viewership in India overtakes the major countries of the world. Just like cricket or another form of sports, the non-participating countries make up a major chunk of the audience. The aim has to be to include as many sports as possible.

A legal bet

 Now considering the domain of fantasy league cricket in India it is deemed as legal. As it not rated as any form of gambling or betting and more of a game of skill it is rated to be legal in India. For this reason, a lot of fans are attracted to this game.

By now you might be aware of the positives that are associated to invest in fantasy-based games. It would be fair at our end to say that this is the present and going forward would be the future. If you become part of several case studies you would figure out that the popularity of fantasy-based games is there to stay big time.