10 Important Monuments To Must Visit In Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, is the largest metropolis in the country. Become a dynamic city with a rich past, Delhi is regarded as one of the historic capitals of the world. Being the seat of many powerful empires, the city of Delhi is home to many historical monuments carefully kept, forts and ancient tombs.

The city is divided into two parts – Old Delhi and New Delhi. Old Delhi represents the history of India thanks to its mosques, its strong and the other monuments present in the city, while New Delhi is the seat of the government and houses the buildings of the government as well as the embassies.

Here is a list of the main monuments to visit in Delhi.

1. Red Fort

Built in 1638, the Red Fort which illustrates the era of the Mughal domination in India. The fort was indeed a place of residence for the Mughal Empire almost 200 years ago.

The site is today part of the UNESCO world heritage and will impress you without question during your visit. You can enjoy this fort with Treasures of India journey of Maharaja Express which is several awarded in the world.

2. Tomb of Humayun

A perfect mixture of the Persian architecture and local, the tomb of Humayun was built by the Queen Haji Begum, widow of Humayun. Resembling the famous Taj Mahal, the tomb of Humayun is the first falls-garden of the Indian sub-continent.

3. Qutab Minar

Built by Qutub-ud-din Aibak, this tower of 73 m high would have been built to commemorate the victory and the beginning of the Mughal era in India. This minaret of five floors is constructed of red sandstone and white marble. The red sandstone has been used to build the first three floors, Tandi that the last two have been built with marble and sandstone.

4. India Gate

Built in 1931, India Gate is a war memorial for more than 70 000 soldiers killed during the First World War and the war in Afghanistan. We can see the names of the soldiers enrolled on the walls of the door of the India. The pleasant atmosphere makes it the best place for a stroll in the evening.

5. Lodi Gardens

The garden Lodi is an excellent place to stroll around and enjoy the beauty of the nature in all its splendour. It occupies an area of 90 acres and houses five architectural monuments of the 15th century (Tomb of Mohammad Shah, Tomb of Sikandar Lodi, Sheesh Gumbad and Bada Gumbad). It is a ideal place for family picnics.

6. Dili Haat

It transports you to the magical world of the art and the Indian heritage presented through a fascinating panorama of the craft, the kitchen and cultural activities Indian. Buy ethnic clothes, if you want to complete your suitcases of the most beautiful parts of the indian crafts. It is also the ideal place to enjoy appetizing delicacies typical of the India. If you have the chance, you can also attend a whimsical exhibition, as well as to a dance or music.

7. Agrasen ki Baoli

Located in the heart of the city, surrounded by big buildings of Connaught Place, Agrasen ki Baoli is the best place to enjoy the magic of the historic city. You can glimpse of poets and artists who work their magic on paper, among the crowd.

8. Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple is an architectural gem that will enchant you with its serene environment. Many come to pray to their respective gods by taking advantage of this quiet atmosphere.

9. Tughlaqabad Fort

With its walls of debris of rubble Gray, perched on the desolate hills, where its position gives him a natural advantage, Tughluqabad was high as a bastion, rather than as a architectural monument. It was built by the founder of the Dynasty Tuglaq in 1321 and occupies an area of 6.5 km.

10. Bangla Sahab Gurudwara

Do not forget to make a stop at the Gurudwara Sikh, a magnificent monument to the white marble. The melodious singing of hymns will take you in another world. The Sarovar Dam, the reservoir of holy water is located in the middle of Gurudwara. The delicious taste of Kada Prasad will not fail to bewitch you, transporting you in a universe paradise.

How to Reach Delhi

Accessing Delhi is very easy as it is well connected by International Airports, trains from various cities and by roads. One can explore Delhi with Maharajas Express Luxury Train and experiencing onboard luxury facilities.