How can you practice golf in your back yard?

Playing golf these days no longer require you to head out to the nearest golf course and sign up for a membership, especially if you are a beginner still trying to get used to it. A more practical and convenient way to hone your skills these days is by practicing in your back yard.

But if you think it’s as simple as taking out your clubs and hitting balls away to your liking, this is where you’re mistaken. There are still a few things you need to set up to ensure you are doing it right and not risking accidents or any damage in your house or your neighbor’s.

These are the best ways you can practice golf in your back yard:

Install a putting green.

Having a putting green installed in your backyard is the easiest way to achieve the feeling of playing on the course. So, if you have the means to get one for your backyard do so. Or you can also set one up yourself if you prefer doing it on your own. Having a putting range installed in your backyard is effective in improving your putting and shot consistency. Visit for more inspiration on indoor putting greens.

But you also have to know that the putting green is ideal for improving your short game and will not be as effective if you want to hone your driving range. That said, you might want to reconsider if it’s too costly for you.

Set up a practice net.

If a putting range is not ideal for your backyard or too much for your budget, you might want to put up a practice net instead. It’s cheaper, easier to set up at home, and does not take up as much space as a putting range. Plus, you can move it indoors if you have the space for it, especially on days when the weather is not ideal for outdoor golf practice.

Work on hitting drills and practice your range.

Working on your golf skills from the comforts of your home can also be done by improvising with other materials. You can use buckets or baskets scattered in the backyard if you can’t afford to install a putting range or you want to work on other skills aside from your swings.

You can also practice your range by placing your practice holes in varying distances, which can be easily done without fixed putting holes. Being able to gauge your distances better allows you to plan your shots during actual matches and determine the right club to use as well.

Consider getting lessons.

If you really want to get better at golf so you can enjoy the game more when you head out to the course, consider signing up for private lessons. Sometimes, watching tutorial videos on Youtube just wouldn’t cut it. Professional trainers can impart practical tips and tricks that you otherwise wouldn’t get from an online training session.

Your golf training should not be limited to practice drills on the actual course. As others would say, practice at home and at the range but always enjoy the game when you’re on the course.