Five Best And Essential Things To Do In Barcelona

For those of you who have not made it to Barcelona, it may prove quite overwhelming to figure out where to go so you ensure that you are seeing the best of this beautiful city. The best thing about Barcelona is that you can do it on a budget if necessary – or not. There are different places and things to do, no matter what your age or financial situation.

Cream of the Crop

You might not realize it, but it is quite likely that you have seen a few parts of Barcelona and not even realize it. Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia has become one of the most iconic parts of this city. The neat thing about this church is that it has been under construction for the past 100 years and will be completed sometime in the next 10 years. Sticking with the theme of the brilliant Antoni Gaudi, the gardens that he designed at Park Güell are a stunning display of color design. It has become a UNESCO World Heritage site, like the Sagrada Familia. The point is that there are some really beautiful tourist attractions for you to admire. Some are hugely popular and others are off the beaten path. You can find a little of both on a budget.

Retail Therapy

La Rambla is in the heart of this city. It is a very famous shopping and market area in which you can find high end designer brands on the same street as a flea market. The amount of restaurants that line this area will ensure that you will never have a shortage of places to look for good food. On the topic of food, make sure you try the traditional cuisine of Paella; a rice dish with your choice of seafood or chicken. For those who do not want to do the typical touristy things you can find a flamenco dance show in a local dive bar. Barcelona also has a very happening and famous night life with live music shows and huge multi-level dance clubs that attract both tourists and the locals.

Beaching It

Barcelona’s beach area is one of the best parts of this city. There are beautifully kept beaches as far as the eye can see with a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea. Since the harbor area was completely renovated for the 1992 Summer Olympic Games, the entire area is kept in pristine condition and is now one of the safer areas of Barcelona. Many people love a good beach when they go on vacation, and this is something you are guaranteed to get in Barcelona.

What About Your Budget?

When travelling the most expensive part besides transportation is usually accommodations. Hostels have become the most affordable forms of accommodation in Europe, and for people that might be on more of a restricted budget, they don’t mind this style of accommodation because they have come for the experience of Barcelona, not a nice hotel room. In recent years the quality of hostels has climbed dramatically and are now extremely clean, secure and safe. Contrary to the horror stories some of us may have heard from backpackers and movies past. For students, staying in hostels is the best way to meet new people, get the pulse of the destination and save money.

In addition to accommodations being expensive, tours can really burn a hole in your pocket too. A lot of big European cities have free guided walking tours which are a very nice upside of European destinations. There is a lot of history in Europe and its all out in the open to see. In these tours you can come and go as you please and learn more about some of the history of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona that you might not be able to find out on your own.

No matter what your interests happen to be, there is something for you to do in Barcelona. This beautifully colored city provides so much to do and see that no matter how much money you have in your pocket, you are sure to have a fantastic time. If you are trying to plan an affordable and fulfilling vacation, consider doing Barcelona on a budget today!

This article was aritten by Ralf Hayden, a Barcelona based travel writer, shares his experience on what he loves about Barcelona.