Back Friendly Exercises For Safety Sakes

Ow, my aching back! Have you ever screamed out when you were exercising? For a lot of people, their backs are a big problem and can keep them from exercising. That’s a shame because exercise is needful and you cannot afford to avoid it. Here’s what you can do when your back is giving you fits.

Loosen Up

Chances are your back problems are due mostly to not loosening up first. Before beginning any exercise routine, it is important to warm up.

Stretches should put light pressure on your lower back and calves. Reach down to touch your toes or come as close to it as possible. Ten repetitions will begin to loosen your muscles.

You can also sit down and do a hip roll with an exercise ball located between your legs. Rock back and forth in a gentle motion with your legs stretched out and your arms at your sides as you roll. Your back will relax and be better prepared for more intensive exercises later notes Fitness 19.

Cat and Dog Exercise

By its name you may think that your cat or dog will be vested in your exercise routine. Instead, a cat and dog exercise improves flexion and extension of the spine, needful preparation for your more intensive routines.

The way that this exercise works is simple. Get down on your hands and knees, distributing your weight evenly across your body. Then, place your knees under your hips and your hands directly under your shoulders. Bend your arms slightly then lift your back as high as you can, pull your stomach to your spine and thrust your hips forward. Stick your chin in your chest, innate and take a deep breath.

Hold your position for one second and take note of the stretching in your back. Tilt your head forward, exhale, squeeze your shoulder blades together and then let your belly relax. Then, allow your back to slowly arch to the floor. Repeat this repetition at least 10 times.

Frog Pullovers

Another way to help your back relax is to do frog pullovers. It is an easy exercise routine, typically carried out on a mat. If no mat is available, any flat surface will do.

While on your back, put the soles of your feet together with your knees and point them out to the sides. Next, pull your feet into your torso while maintaining the position of your feet and soles. Then, stretch your arms straight up in the air and them move them out directly behind your body on the floor. Raise your arms back over your head and clasp your hands. All along your feet and soles are in the same position. Your back will relax as you accomplish this task.

Additional Exercises

There are other exercise routines that can make a difference for your back. Push ups can be beneficial provided you keep your back straight. Sit ups, while aiding your abdomen can also benefit your back as long as you touch your knees with your elbows.

Bridge exercises, pelvic thrusts and upper spinal rotation can prove beneficial too. Mix or match and you’ll make great strides in helping your back to relax.

Exercise Considerations

Make your warm up exercises part of your routine and your back will thank you. Likely, you’ll be able to complete your exercise regimen with less strain and more gain, helping you to reach your goals and without regret.

If you do feel some strain there isn’t an ibuprofen or aspirin tablet that can’t help you. Use sparingly and be kind to your back.