5 Awesome Budget-Friendly Home Decor Ideas For New Year

With festive and holiday season around the corner, it is the best time of the year to spruce up your home and render it a festive look. However, do not be despaired if you are on a tight budget, as there are loads of budget-friendly home décor ideas for New Year to deck up your home.
1.    Decide a Theme
Begin the decoration process by deciding a theme. Decide the time that you wish to follow for adorning the rooms. For instance, do you want a Victorian, contemporary or traditional styled décor. You may opt for color themes also such as red-black or white theme. Further, based on the chosen home décor, you may begin with the adornment tasks to render a spectacular look to your abode.
2.    Wall Decoration
Adorning the walls of your home is sure to give an instant makeover to a room. You may embellish the walls by having any artwork such as wall decals, stickers, posters or photo frames. In fact, it is an excellent time to boast your creativity, as you may create attractive shapes and designs as well as color them as per your preferences and taste. In case you lack time, then you may simply adorn your walls with wall hangings, glitter, ribbons and confetti that complement your New Year home décor theme.
3.    Lit the Rooms
Light undoubtedly plays a pivotal role when talking about home décor. You can light up the guest space as well as the main entrance area of your house. Make use of vibrant LED lights for enhancing the home’s look. You can even spray paint your lampshades according to your theme color or utilize textured colors. Further, use bulbs of different watts to provide a classy and sophisticated look to your home. Place lamps at distinct heights to accentuate the space. You may also consider lighting up the room with scented candles to instill a soothing and radiant ambience.
4.    Place Impressive Plants in and around the Home
Plants work wonders to strut up your décor. Thus, placing impressive plants in and around the house boosts the beauty of your house. Flowerpots or vases with sophisticated designs and shapes add a dazzling touch to your décor. You may even consider floating the flowers in impressive glass bowls. Here, you may add in some cute and wonderful looking floating candles between the floating flowers. This surely gives an awesome look.
5.    Craftwork and Furnishings
Handmade craftwork boosts the zest of celebrating New Year. You may create starts or flowers and paint them with various colors of your choice. Dangle glittering starts in a room. You may even adorn those usual looking cushion covers by adding sewing or piping vibrant borders. Another good idea is to use laces for decorating cover borders. You may further adorn chair covers, tablecloths curtains, etc in a similar fashion.
So get ready to instill life and color to your house and welcome the New Year in a unique and stylish way and most importantly, without digging big holes in your pockets.
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