Things To Consider While Renting A Car

If you want to give yourself wheels on a trip, car rental can offer you the flexibility and freedom that is necessary to make your travel a success. Besides, in certain parts of the world, renting a car is the only practicable means of going from one place to another. However, renting a car can render your trip difficult, owing to factors like striking the best deal and/or deciding on the best insurance options available. Before going for an auto a noleggio, you should have a good idea as to the rental agreement you are going to sign, avoid any possible problems with the car rental and in the process save yourself some money.

Choosing a Vehicle

First of all choose a car that you really need and not the first one you find. For example, if you are taking your children on the trip, or you have a lot of luggage with you, you might need an SUV or at least a big sedan. On the contrary, if you are on a budget choose the smallest car possible.

Booking that Car

If you are renting for a short period, say a week, a major rental agency can be the best option. If it’s for a longer period, try local companies from whom you can get better rates. However, in case you want to drive around a lot, get into an accident or break down, the local companies will not be of any help as they are lacking in support services like the big rental companies. To find out the rates, it is better to shop around. Visit the websites of car rental companies, as some of them might give you discounts.

Booking Online

If you’re booking a car online, go through the terms and conditions very carefully. In case you use the phone to book a car, ask the rental agent if there are any restrictions, like penalties for no shows. Factors like restrictions on any interstate travel, protection from breakdowns, and drop-off charges for one-way rentals, are also important

The Actual Cost of Car Rental

Be careful about the rates the agencies mention in their ads. The final bill can get inflated with local and state taxes, insurance, airport surcharges, fuel bills, additional driver fees, drop-off charges etc which might come to the double of advertised rates.

Pickup Time

At the time of pick up, carefully inspect the car for possible body damage. Ensure that the lights and turn signals are in good working order and if any defects are found, report them immediately.

Returning the Car

Be careful about any prepaid petrol plans. Make it a point to top up the tank before returning your car so that you are only paying for what you have really used. Returning the car early can cost you some, as you are often made to pay a fee for an early return. Returning your car late also can cost much. Many car rental companies allow you only a grace period of 30 minutes, failing which they charge for the late return. Finally, ensure that the body of your car is inspected in your immediate presence and an agreement is reached in case of any damage.

Go through your car rental agreement closely for every charge mentioned in it and ensure that the auto a noleggio company credits any initial deposit back to your account, as you wait.